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Saturday, September 19, 2020


PRESENTING MISS LETITIA Book #1 Once a Wallflower.

 Book #2 coming soon!



 Read Book One in Maggi Andersen's newest Regency series - Once A Wallflower. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Rakes are intent on something a young debutante must never give them... their virtue!

Armed with this advice from her aunt, Letitia Bromley embarks on her first Season in London. Fresh from the country, she is intent on a romantic adventure after reading the diaries of her great-great Aunt Lydia, who sailed the high seas with a pirate. But when Letty’s kind patroness begs for her help to right a wrong done to her dead husband, Letty can only respond to the lady’s distress. Can it be true that the rakish Brandon Cartwright spies for the French? Danger lurks, and Letty becomes unsure whom to trust. Her head urges her to be sensible, to go home to the man everyone in her village expects her to marry, but her heart says otherwise.

Declared the family’s black sheep by his father after a tragedy, Brandon is drawn into the spying business. He has had little regard for his life, taking on dangerous assignments, until circumstances change when he becomes involved with a stubborn young lady who is determined to help her chaperone. Brandon can’t help but admire Letty for her bravery and compassion, but while he’s intent on keeping her safe, he has no intention of drawing her into his disreputable life.

Once he sees her safely on her way back to Cumbria, he can pick up the threads of the life he lived before she came into it... or will he follow his heart - and her?

Once a Wallflower Series
Presenting Miss Letitia
Introducing Miss Joanna
Announcing Miss Theodosia

Wednesday, August 5, 2020



From the gaily bedecked halls of Regency England to the cold and crisp air of the Scottish Highlands, and everything in between, enjoy the magic of a holiday collection that has drawn inspiration from Charles Dickens' most beloved literary works. Where the ghosts of Christmas, the incandescent spirit of a tiny disabled boy, and the joy that is the very heart of the Christmas season come alive.

Enjoy this stunning holiday collection from 23 of your favorite Dragonblade Publishing authors in this collection of never-before published seasonal tales! ❣️


Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Two of my books are finalists in the RONE Awards.

SEDUCED BY THE PIRATE and The Midnight Hour: ALL HALLOWS BRIDES' COLLECTION which features my novella, BETH.

5 Star Review NEVER DOUBT A DUKE - Book One NEVER Series.

A sweet unforgettable kiss that changed their lives forever!
'Never Doubt a Duke', written by Maggi Andersen , is a charming Regency story with loving characters. What attracted me to read this book is that the hero and heroine are two broken souls because their hearts have been broken in the past. I just love this genre of story. It has every elements to please Regency lovers like me. I couldn't have asked for more.
The intrigue is well developed, believable and well-written. An unforgettable kiss will do its magic again and send sparks to ignite a beautiful passion.
Ms. Andersen's style of writing kept my interest throughout the whole book.
Thank you Dragonblade Publishing and NetGalley for providing me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
For my complete review:…/pho…/53479606-never-doubt-a-duke

Like to join the party? Love to see you there! Giveaways and games..

Like to join the party? Love to see you there.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Available for Pre-Order!


Book One of the NEVER Series

Released Jun 4th!


Take an arranged marriage, add a damaged duke who doesn’t wish to marry, and an independent lady intent on her own pursuits. Stir in an explosive, passionate attraction. Sparks fly!
Welcome to book one in this exciting new series by Maggi Andersen! Read for Free in Kindle Unlimited!
Lady Nellie Dountry, and Charles, His Grace, Duke of Shewsbury have had their hearts broken in the past. Neither is prepared to chance love again. When they are compelled to marry because of an agreement made long ago by their fathers, they are both determined to resist falling in love. Convinced that it’s mere desire which draws them together, both are surprised by their jealousy.
Nellie finds Charles irresistibly attractive, but other women do too. They circle like sharks. Aware that Charles’s former fiancée who had broken his heart some years ago is now a widow and on the hunt for a lover, Nellie struggles to trust him while she fears she is falling in love with him.
Charles was more than pleased with his choice of bride, but he wishes she wasn’t so difficult to understand. One minute she’s hot for him, the next as remote from him as a chalet in the alps. Why he wants to get close surprises him, he planned for his marriage to be little more than one of polite indifference. But Nellie is so dashed beguiling!
The Never Series
Book 1 - Never Doubt a Duke
Book 2 - Never Dance with a Marquess
Book 3 - Never Trust an Earl
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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Released! The Scandalous Lyon by USA Today Bestselling author, Maggi Andersen.


This is an introductory novella to the Never Series - Never Doubt a Duke, Book One, coming soon!


A match made in heaven. If he was sure of anything, it was this!

Love can be found in the strangest of places…
Lord Jason Glazebrook has no plans to settle down. He will not inherit for several years, and worse, he is at odds with his brother, Charles, Duke of Shewsbury, who believes him capable of a dangerous, dishonorable act.
To escape the tension at home, Jason spends many hours at his club, the Lyon’s Den in Whitehall. When the unscrupulous matchmaker, Mrs. Bessie Dove-Lyon introduces him to a debutante, Miss Beverly Crabtree, Jason considers the beautiful young lady perfect for a dalliance, and invites her to ride with him in Hyde Park.
When he discovers Beverly is a gently reared girl, he is determined not to see her again. But he cannot forget her and allows Dove-Lyon to draw him back into her net.
Despite his brother’s warning, Jason refuses to relinquish the lovely Miss Crabtree’s company. He senses she is in trouble and wants to help. And much more. He has never met a woman he wanted for his own…until he met Beverly.
But so much stands in their way.
It is only a matter of time before shame and disgrace befall the Crabtree family. While her worried mother seeks a wealthy suitor for her, Beverly tries to deny her feelings for Jason. The noble Shewsburys will never accept her as his wife.
Jason’s plan may be a possible way out of her troubles. With few options left to her, and the lure of spending days in his company, Beverly is determined to take the chance.
Their journey into the countryside to mend a family rift might bring closure, or it could go horribly wrong.
(Note: This is an introductory novella to the Never Series - Never Doubt a Duke, Book One, coming soon!)
The Lyon's Den Connected World

Read an Excerpt!

On a perfect spring day, Hyde Park looked inviting. Miss George, the chaperone her mother had employed because she couldn’t always be with her, seemed a sour old thing, and even more so when on horseback. She rode doggedly beside Beverly through the park gates.

“We shall wait here.” Beverly’s excited intake of breath drew in the scents of sun-warmed grasses and flowers. She searched the riders trotting their mounts down Rotten Row, and the carriages circling the South Carriage Drive. Some had reined in to engage in conversation, and laughter floated on the breeze. It thrilled her, and she longed to be part of it. And why shouldn’t she be? An earl had called her a diamond of the first water, but his offer was not for marriage and had not pleased her mother.

“It is past five o’clock, Miss Beverly.”
 Beverly thought she caught a gleam of satisfaction in the woman’s eyes.
“Nevertheless,” she said in a firm tone. “We shall wait.”
Another ten minutes passed. The horses grew restive. Her chaperone was staring at the watch she wore on the bodice of her riding habit.
“I say, Miss Crabtree!”
Beverly turned to see Lord Jason riding toward them on a glossy chestnut. His hat was tilted at a jaunty angle, his strong thighs encased in riding breeches, his highly polished boots gleaming in the sunlight. Her heart beat faster when he pulled up beside them.
“I do apologize for being tardy,” he said with a grin. “Just arrived back in London from the country.”
“Please don’t give it a moment’s thought, my lord,” Beverly said. “We were a little late ourselves.”
Miss George cleared her throat.
“My lord, I should like to introduce you to Miss George.” Beverly gestured to the woman who hovered like a dark cloud a few paces away.
“How d’you do?” Glazebrook barely glanced at her, his gaze settling on Beverly. “Shall we ride down the Row?”
“Oh yes, I have been so looking forward to it,” she said.
She edged her horse in beside his lordship’s, and they rode side by side while Miss George fell in behind them.
“Did you enjoy your stay in the country, my lord?”
“Merely a brief trip to visit my mother.”
His mother. A dowager duchess and no doubt formidable. Beverly was almost glad she would never meet her. She admired his profile with a sidelong glance. “So very nice to escape the city for a little while.”
He merely nodded in reply. A man as sophisticated as Lord Jason would prefer the entertainments the city could offer, she was sure.
“I am growing to like London more. It is all very new to me,” she said. “It offers far more excitement than the country.” She pushed to the back of her mind how much she enjoyed the peacefulness of her home. The slow-flowing river, ducks, and the basket of newborn kittens near the kitchen fire. The wide blue sky and the fresh air. The absolute quiet of the countryside allowed her to think and to dream. How could one do that in London? It was so busy and cramped.
“The days and nights can drag by in the country.” Lord Jason Glazebrook raised his hat to two ladies riding past whose sharp gazes scrutinized Beverly.
Beverly watched them. They were beautifully dressed in sober tones with wide-brimmed black hats at a carefree angle on their heads. She grew concerned that her outfit might be a trifle gaudy. Perhaps she should change her hat and remove the gold epaulets from her jacket.
“Shall we canter?” Lord Jason asked.
“Oh, yes, let’s!”
A quick glance behind her revealed Miss George, a determined expression on her face, fall farther behind. When the way ahead was blocked by a group of riders paused in conversation, Lord Jason veered away through the trees. With a laugh, Beverly urged her horse to follow him.
Suddenly, a small brown dog darted out in front of her horse. Her mount snorted and reared as the hound, dodging the slashing hooves, continued to jump about and bark.
Lord Jason rode to her aid, but before he could reach her, Beverly’s horse bolted. The mare galloped away from Rotten Row through the trees. Her hat fell over her eyes as she fought to stay in the saddle. Branches rushed by, and one caught at her sleeve.
She managed to push her hat back and found she was headed for a narrow path leading through a thicket.
Lord Jason was suddenly beside her. He leaned over and grabbed her horse’s bridle. “Whoa!”
Her mare, responding to his commanding tone, slowed, then halted just before they entered the path where Beverly would surely have been unseated.
Heaving for breath and her hands shaking from pulling hard on the reins, she clung on to the pommel as Lord Jason led the horses along a wider path. They emerged into the sunlight. Before her, swans sailed majestically over the breeze-ruffled waters of the Serpentine.
His lordship dismounted and held up his arms to assist her down. Eager to dismount, she leaned forward. Warm hands took hold of her waist as he set her on her feet. “Are you hurt, Miss Crabtree?”
“No, a little ashamed that I couldn’t control the horse.” Her knees shook, and Lord Jason was obliged to grip her waist again to steady her, which didn’t help her much. Breathless at his proximity, she stepped back. She pushed a loose curl away from her eyes and settled her hat on her head.
“These hacks! Pity you cannot have a decent mount.” He gave a dismissive nod toward her horse, now placidly chewing a mouthful of grass. “Planned to tip you off in that thicket, I’ll bet. I congratulate you, Miss Crabtree. A remarkable piece of riding to remain in the saddle.” He turned to secure the reins of both horses to a bush. “Riding side-saddle is challenging enough without dealing with a runaway horse.”
“I’m afraid I did little. I could only hang on. But I am in awe of your fine riding, my lord. The masterly way you took control. Why the horse responded without a murmur! I am most grateful. Heaven knows what might have happened if it had been allowed to have its head.”
The concerned expression in his blue eyes made her dislike intensely Mrs. Dove-Lyon’s instruction to play her cards carefully.
She glanced around. Where was Miss George? She couldn’t help but hope the chaperone had lost her way, temporarily, of course. But she felt unsure how to proceed now that she was alone with his lordship. She would have liked to cast herself against his broad chest and tell all. But her first consideration must be for her mother, although the pull of attraction Beverly felt for this man was most unsettling.
“I confess to being a little uneasy about mounting the horse again.”
“Have no fear, I will stay close by. But take a moment to rest and gain your breath before we go on.”
“Yes. I will, thank you. It’s so beautiful here.” She leaned back against the knobby trunk of an oak and gazed at the delightful scene before them.
“I can’t imagine why you have not married, Miss Crabtree” he said in a husky tone. “There must be eager swains aplenty to be found at the Brighton Assembly.”
She thought of the assemblies she’d attended. Mostly husbands of her mother’s friends, and older gentlemen danced with her and the green youths who trod on her toes. “Perhaps you haven’t been to a Brighton Assembly,” she said with a smile. “Most young gentlemen prefer London.”
He smiled. “That is true.”
What did Lord Jason think of her? He seemed far too smart to be taken in by Mrs. Dove-Lyon. Why had he invited her to ride with him?
“I am sorry your father is ill.” He moved close to her.
Forced to glance up at him, she found his eyes were a deeper blue than the lake and held an intense expression. Was he about to kiss her? She wet her lips nervously. Should he take liberties with her, would she have the strength to push him away? There was no one here to witness it. And where would a kiss lead them? To greater liberties? While she would like very much for him to kiss her, she would hate him to think her fast. An even more distressing possibility occurred to her. Had he an affair in mind?
“You have the most delightful mouth, Miss Crabtree.” He propped a hand against the tree trunk and leaned toward her, but made no further advance.
Was he waiting for a sign that she might welcome his advances? Her pulse thudded. She caught herself about to lean toward him and raised her chin.
“I believe you wish to lead me astray, Lord Jason,” she said, adopting a prim tone.

Friday, February 7, 2020

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Francine Howarth . . . Romancing History.: Travel in Jane Austen's day!

Francine Howarth . . . Romancing History.: Travel in Jane Austen's day!: It's all too easy to imagine travel of yesteryear as a time consuming mediaeval plod, and yet, in some respects travel during...

Monday, November 4, 2019

Comment to win a copy of Seduced by the Pirate by Maggi Andersen.

I'm celebrating having become a USA TODAY bestselling author. Enjoy an excerpt from Seduced by the Pirate. Comment to win an ebook copy!
Pirates. And Alex had been gone since daybreak. Distracted by the amused expression on their captain’s face, Lydia tightened her grasp on the pistol to prevent her hands shaking. The brute wasn’t afraid of her.
“I think you men should return to where you came from. There’s nothing here for you.”
Her pulse beat hard in her ears. There was no mistaking who they were. Three of the men wore loose short coats with large buttons, fitted striped breeches, and kerchiefs beneath their caps, a brace of pistols slung from silk around at their necks. Two carried muskets.
Their captain cast her a lazy glance, unnerving her further. “I’m afraid I can’t obey that request, madam.”
Short of breath, she backed into the room as he stepped through the door. A black devil. The white shirt lay open to the waist displaying a tanned hard-muscled chest, breeches clung to powerful thighs, and he wore black boots. His hair long and straight against his neck was a deep ebony-black. Her terrified gaze took in his brace of pistols and a blade tucked into his breeches. She didn’t fool herself into believing he couldn’t kill her before she managed to aim and fire her small pistol. He was a man who wouldn’t bat an eyelid at striking a person down, while she, employed in healing the sick, could never kill.
A long silence stretched between them as they eyed each other. His straight dark brows lifted as he took her in from head to foot. Affronted, she did the same. With a quick indrawn breath, she took note of the fierce-looking cutlass hanging at his side. She firmed her hands on the gun despairing of her trembling fingers. Was there a hint of lust in his gaze? Aware of how vulnerable she was; she hated to feel so completely at his mercy.
“I do hope you don’t intend to shoot me with that, madam.” His firm lips smiled a little revealing white teeth and transforming his face. He ran a hand over his upper lip and sharp jaw sporting a small goatee. “That muff pistol is unlikely to kill me, but it will make me annoyed.”
He pulled off his broad-brimmed hat which sported a curling ostrich feather. “Jack Stirling, Captain of the Golden Orion at your service.” Showing how unconcerned he was, he ambled closer. Her nervous gaze took in his lean, olive-toned face, and cut-glass cheekbones. There was a half-circle scar on his temple like some kind of branding, and a gold ring in his ear. Despite his courteous manner, there was an unmistakable air of danger about him; like a panther after a kill.

Available in Ebook and Print.