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Released! A GIFT FROM A GODDESS by Maggi Andersen Amazon Bestselling author. 0.99 cents for a limited time!

It is said that Aphrodite stands for love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation, and she can even mend a broken heart.
Can the goddess’ power be real? 


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Monday, November 12, 2018

New Release by Diane Scott Lewis BEYOND THE FALL!

Novel Blurb:

A woman hurtled back in time. In 2018, Tamara is dumped by her arrogant husband, travels to Cornwall, England and researches her ancestors. In a neglected cemetery, she scrapes two fallen headstones together trying to read the one beneath, faints, and wakes up in 1789, the year of The French Revolution, and grain riots in England. Young Farmer Colum Polwhele comes to her aid. Can a sassy San Francisco gal survive in this primitive time and fall for Colum, a man active in underhanded dealings or will she struggle to return to her own time?


A gust of wind swept up, and her already loose cap flew off, her hair flying about.

“Drink this, to ease the pain.” Tamara put the bottle to Colum’s lips. He took a gulp.

She tasted the wine too, very sweet. In modern times Tamara knew alcohol wasn’t recommended for the injured, but she had little choice.

“Lew said the same as me. You do not seem British as Americans still would.” He blinked up at her. Pain was etched around his eyes. “Where are you really from, woman who is so unusual?”

“I’m completely out of place; you have no idea how much.” And out of time, hurtling through space like a comet. “I told you about the clothing, but you didn’t believe me.” She took a gulp of wine. She fingered the cool, smooth bottle, then touched his thigh. “How do you feel? Nauseous, lightheaded?”

“Naw, more like I’ve been shot by a musket.” He settled against the tree trunk with a wince. “I knew you were different from the start. With your strange coat fasteners an’ oddly-made shoes.” He blew out a breath. “An’ stockings that go all the way up. The bold speech.”

“And I still don’t know how I ended up here; that is in your...” Century? She wanted to tell him the truth. Pondering that, she gave him another drink from the bottle. “I shouldn’t be here. It’s impossible that I’m here at all. No one would believe the incident and I doubt could explain what happened.” She voiced the rants that scuttled through her head every night when she crawled into the Polwhele’s spare bed, praying that in the morning she’d wake up and be back in her familiar world.

The sun drifted lower over the hills behind Falmouth. Flickers of lights appeared in the town as lanterns and candles were lit. The breeze blew cold from the sea.

Tamara shivered again, and Colum handed her the jacket Lew had given him.

“No, we’ll need to share it.” She squeezed half behind him against the scaly tree bark, on his uninjured side, and covered them both with the jacket. His warmth and smell seeped into her, fluttering her senses.

Colum grasped her hand. “Where should you be, if not here? Describe that place. An’ not about the clothing.” He made an effort to grin.

She laughed to mask her pang of nerves. She sipped more from the bottle, the sweet wine relaxing her. His touch and nearness were too tempting, her barriers crumbling.

With a sigh and a stare up at the darkening sky, where the first star pricked out, she said, “What if I told you I fell from the stars?”

To find out more about my books, please visit my website:

My first time-travel, Beyond the Fall, a little fantasy, romance and mystery, was released last week.

 Since a child I’ve always wanted to time-travel, to find myself unexpectedly in the past. How would I manage? I’ve studied the eighteenth century for my novels; why not throw a modern, independent woman there, unprepared, and watch how she copes.

Author bio:

Diane Parkinson (Diane Scott Lewis) grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, joined the Navy at nineteen, married in Greece and raised two sons all over the world, including Puerto Rico and Guam. A member of the Historical Novel Society, she writes book reviews for the Historical Novels Review. Diane worked from 2007 to 2010 as an on-line historical editor. She had her debut novel published in 2010, and has had several historical and historical-romance novels published between 2010 and 2018.

Diane lives with her husband in western Pennsylvania.


If you enjoy time travel stories, you'll love this one. Lovers, Tamara and Colum seek a peaceful life while running from danger as they move between the past and the present. I loved Outlander and The Time Traveler's Wife. and although this offers something different, it is an excellent read, which I enjoyed to the last page. Scott Lewis certainly brings the historical world to life with the depth of her research.


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Regency History: Masquerade balls in Regency London

Regency History: Masquerade balls in Regency London: Masquerade at the Pantheon (cropped) from The Microcosm of London Vol 2 (1808-10) A masquerade is a valuable plot device for a hist...

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Regency History: Regency evening wear - a tale in ten dresses

Regency History: Regency evening wear - a tale in ten dresses: The Regency period lasted from 1811 to 1820. These ten Regency evening dresses show how fashions changed during those nine years an...

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Regency History: Banns, licences and Hardwicke's Marriage Act - a R...

Regency History: Banns, licences and Hardwicke's Marriage Act - a R...: St George's Hanover Square - the most fashionable church in Regency London The Marriage Act (1753) Marriages in late Georgi...

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Enjoy a holiday collection from nine fabulous authors in this collection of never-before published tales!

From the bedecked halls of Regency England to the cold and crisp air of Medieval England, and everything in between, welcome to the magic of a holiday collection that will bring the joy of the season into your heart and into your home. Nine USA Today or Internationally bestselling authors bring you their twist on the holidays using some of your favorite characters in A NIGHT OF ANGELS.

This collection includes my story: Eleanor Fitzherbert's Christmas Miracle Eleanor is from the Dangerous Lords series. Meet her first in Book #1 The Baron's Betrothal:

Childless widow, Eleanor Fitzherbert has resigned herself to a life alone, because most unmarried gentlemen wish for an heir. But after a young sweep gets stuck in the Duke of Broadstairs' chimney, and a handsome viscount comes to his rescue, surprising things begin to happen.

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Soon to release! A great group of authors! Mythical stories become Regency romances: A Legend to Love!

Claim your sample freebie!





#0.99 Pre-order price!  Released 11-20-18

Amazon Pre-Order link:

A Regency romantic suspense based on the Myth of Pygmalion and Galatea.

Sculptor, Lewis, Lord Chesterton has shut himself away working on his sculptures after his wife, Laura, left him and was subsequently murdered. Some in Society believe he was behind her death. When Lewis begins a new work titled Aphrodite, Hebe Fenchurch comes to pose for him.
Hebe’s life has been turned upside down since her father killed himself after becoming involved in a swindle. Hebe and her mother have been shunned by the ton and left with very little money, and Hebe must seek employment. When told she is unsuited for a governess and lacks the skills of a maid, she finds paid work as an artist’s model.
Lewis prides himself on his professionalism. He never sleeps with his models although many in the ton believe he does. But Hebe has been keeping a secret from him. He finds himself drawn to her, his work stalls, and he fears he won’t finish the statue of Aphrodite. Must he dismiss Hebe and lose the best model he ever had?
After another of Lewis’ models suffers the same fate as his wife Laura, the mystery intensifies and gossip spreads. Can the two murders be connected? Hebe is drawn into the fray. He must act to protect her.
As Hebe sits for him, Lewis’ employs his skill as a sculptor to fashion the beautiful goddess from a block of marble. As the stone gleams like satin in the light, Lewis’ world view changes. It is said that Aphrodite stands for love, beauty, pleasure, and procreation, and she can even mend a broken heart.
Can the goddess’ power be real?
Bow Street have had no success in finding the murderer. Will they strike again?



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Regency History: A Regency History guide to dukes, marquesses and o...

Regency History: A Regency History guide to dukes, marquesses and o...: Peers (from left to right): duke, marquess, earl, viscount, baron from A book explaining the ranks and  dignitaries of British Society ...

A detailed description of the different titles from the wonderful Regency History blog. 

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New Release! The Viscount's Widowed Lady by Maggi Andersen.

An oubliette is an underground dungeon only accessible from the top. It's name come from the French to 'forget.' It features in my new release THE VISCOUNT'S WIDOWED LADY - Dangerous Lords Book 3..
Read for free on Amazon Unlimited or buy for 0.99c for a limited time.



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Double Release Spectacular! Book Three and Four of the bestselling Dangerous Lords series by Maggi Andersen! Available to read for free or buy for 0.99cents each for a week!



Get Book Two in the exciting Dangerous Lords series - spies, passion, and mystery await! Purchase the book, or read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

John Haldane, Earl of Stathairn, first met Lady Sibella Winborne before he left to fight Bonaparte on the Peninsular. He intended to pursue her upon his return, but his war experiences ruined that plan. Instead, disturbed by nightmares, he chooses to associate with tavern wenches and gambles his time away while he continues to spy for the Crown.

But the lady remains on his mind.

He can’t quite let Lady Sibella go. Amazed that she has not yet married, John keeps her close as a friend, seeking her out at balls and riding with her in the park. But any thoughts he might have harbored about marrying the beautiful and smart Lady Sibella vanish after his friend and fellow spy is slain.

The game changes.

Determined to find his friend's murderer, Strathairn faces a new mission - has the treasonous Frenchman, Count Forney, returned to wreak havoc? It is believed he drowned escaping England years ago. Or, worse... is there a new plot afoot to drive the people to revolution?

Lady Sibella Winborne has remained single well past her first season, despite several offers of marriage. Her many siblings have always aided her to deter unwanted suitors, but the family now believes it’s time she wed. Her elder brother, Chaloner, Marquess of Brandreth, insists on it. He has found the perfect suitor, Lord Coombe, but Sibella doesn’t warm to him. Is it because she harbors a strong affection for a blond-haired gentleman? Strathairn makes every other man seem ordinary. While she wants to set up her own household and have children, she can’t give up on Strathairn. When they’re together, the air sizzles. But does he look at every woman the way he looks at her?

Join John and Sibella on their unforgettable journey to their happily ever after!



Read Book Three in the Dangerous Lords series - spies and danger make strange, but passionate, bedfellows!

When a widow must fight for herself… and her love.

A widow in dire circumstances, Lady Althea Brookwood fights to hang on to the one thing left to her, Owltree Cottage. When faced with a ruthless enemy, she must turn to a man for help. But her former life with her cruel husband has made her distrust men. When a gentleman she seeks assistance from is murdered, Althea finds herself caught up in a conspiracy. Unfortunately, she must turn to the last man on earth she would trust with her virtue....

Leaving behind his sad past in Ireland, Keiran Flynn, Viscount Montsimon, has become a renowned diplomat and close confidant of King George IV. A handsome rake many women of the ton wish to take to their beds, Flynn treats women lightly until he meets a lady who resists his charm. When the king sends Flynn on a secret mission, he finds that this lady, Lady Brookwood, is in some way involved. It is a puzzling situation as well as a dangerous one. He is determined to protect her even though the stubborn lady resists him at every turn.

Althea and Flynn find themselves thrust into the midst of a hazardous intrigue while fighting an attraction which could cause them to lose focus and possibly their lives.

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5 Star Review THURSDAY'S CHILD by Rosemary Morris


On their way to a ball, eighteen-year-old Lady Margaret is reminded by her affectionate brother, the Earl of Saunton, to consider her choice of words before she speaks. Despite his warning, she voices her controversial opinion to Lady Sefton, one of Almack’s lady patronesses, who can advance or ruin a debutante’s reputation. Horrified by her thoughtless indiscretion, Margaret runs from the ballroom into the reception hall where she nearly slips onto the marble floor.

Baron Rochedale, a notorious rake catches her in his arms to prevent her fall. Margaret, whose family expect her to make a splendid marriage, and enigmatic Rochedale, who never reveals his secrets, are immediately attracted to each other, but
Rochedale never makes advances to unmarried females.

When Margaret runs out into the street, out of chivalry it seems he must follow the runaway instead of joining his mistress in the ballroom, where anxious mothers would warn their daughters to avoid him.

Rochedale’s quixotic impulse leads to complications which force him to question his selfish way of life.
Entangled by him in more ways than one, stifled by polite society’s unwritten rules and regulations Margaret is forced to question what is most important to her.


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The Fascination of the Regency Era and why I write about it by Maggi Andersen

It’s was a brief fascinating era. There is so much for a writer to draw upon from Regency history. Romance, royalty, the ton, Napoleonic wars, and tales of espionage. That brief, spectacular period in English history, came about when King George III, was unable to rule due to porphyria, a sickness which rendered him insane. In 1811, his eldest son, George, an aesthete and a spend-thrift, ruled as Regent in his stead, until his father’s death in 1820 when George IV took the throne.
The beau monde, (or Haute ton) met during the London Season, which took place during the months when Parliament sat. At least on the surface, Society was a glittering, bright jewel, through which moved beautifully-dressed, wealthy people, dancing, flirting, while involved in parliamentary intrigues, and intrigues of a different sort. They attended soirées, Almack’s assembly rooms, (where no one could enter without a voucher and even Wellington was turned away because he failed to obey to the strict dress code), the Prince’s Carlton House dinners, card parties, horse racing, theatre and balls. All were held captive to gossip and scandal. Especially, if they publicly flouted the strict code of behavior set down to give society a design to ensure that estates and titles remained in the hands of hereditary peers. Young women were presented and then married off during a London Season, often, the marriages were arranged. Faithfulness wasn’t the norm in Regency society, however. Husbands frequented their clubs, took mistresses, and some wives took lovers. Bastards of any such union were treated badly, the men accepted on the fringe of society and the women ostracized. It follows that a few cuckoos found their way into the nest when it suited some gentlemen to accept them as their heir.
If the Victorian era has been likened to a duck swimming smoothly across a pond, while its feet paddle hard beneath the water, the Regency is more like a peacock. All show. However, beneath this glossy exterior, crime was rife; there was no established police force until Sir Robert Peel in 1829 set up the Metropolitan Police Force at Scotland Yard. Plots festered among the disadvantaged with illegal pamphlets written to urge revolt against the government. In Yorkshire, the Luddites smashed machinery, the Blanketeers marched on London, there was the Cato conspiracy, the Spa Fields Riots, and the Peterloo Massacre, which was a protest against the Corn Laws, and so badly handled a tide of dissent swelled against the government.
Throughout the turbulent years of England’s war with France, the Duke of Wellington’s spies operated in Spain, Portugal and France, and French spies infiltrated England. After Napoleon, had been imprisoned on Saint Helena, and the war ended, England continued to suffer under a government which struggled to steer England safely through years when the country’s resources were badly depleted. The English countryside could no longer feed the people. Where once they could live off the land, new by-laws fenced the land off, and drove them to the towns and cities to work in the factories under dreadful conditions. Lord Liverpool’s government feared the poison of the French Revolution would seep into English society with a similar bloody result.
The British intelligence came of age in the 19th century when it was developed as a key weapon against French power in both politics and war. One such man was part diplomat and part spy, Charles Stuart de Rothesay, later 1st Baron Stuart de Rothesay 1779-1845. He was no ordinary diplomat. I like to think of him as the first 007, and he inspired the third novel in my Dangerous Lords series.
These issues feature in many of my Regency novels.








Captain Jack Ryder – The Duke’s Bastard, Regency Sons, Book 1. Just 99cents and available on most book sites deals with the death of Napoleon and tells the love stories of two ex-army friends.

The Dangerous Lords series also draws on some of these events. Three lords work for the Crown to keep Britain safe. Each with their own romance. There will be a further edition to the series in 2019.

Book One: The Baron’s Betrothal (Available on pre-order. Released 28th June or read on Unlimited)

London 1816

Guy Fortescue comes to England to claim his inheritance, Rosecroft Hall, abandoned over thirty years ago when his father fled to France after killing a man in a duel. But England proves to be a dangerous place - someone wants Guy dead. As Guy seeks to discover who lies behind the attacks on his life, he arranges a faux betrothal with Miss Horatia Cavendish.

Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan. An aspiring poet, Hetty proves to have a mind of her own but in spite of that, Guy finds her far too alluring.

Headstrong and lovely, Hetty agrees to the betrothal because it allows her to go to London where she can attend literary societies with her aunt. While her affection for Guy grows deeper, she must not forget the betrothal isn’t real. Guy will choose a bride from the beau monde - it will not be a colonel’s daughter from Digswell.

But Hetty is soon drawn in to Guy's life, more and more, and not entirely against her will. He is handsome and brave, and the attraction between them is undeniable. Soon, she can no longer resist her desire for him and the fact that someone is out to kill him only feeds her innate protectiveness of the man she is betrothed to. As attempts are made on Guy’s life, Hetty and his sister, Genevieve, work together to keep him alive, and a love that has been denied finally comes to fruition in the exciting conclusion.

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New Release! THE MARQUESS MEETS HIS MATCH a Historical Romance by Maggi Andersen 0.99cents! Enjoy an excerpt.

A sexy Georgian Romance as only bestselling author Maggi Andersen can deliver!

A country-bred girl, Kate Bancroft always intended to marry for love, like her parents. She wanted a husband who adored her, who would be her knight in shining armor. But her plans don't go as she had hoped - suddenly, she finds herself married to a marquess, and her new husband an aloof stranger determined to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself.

It is the unfortunate truth that she and Lord St. Malin have been forced by circumstances to marry, and Kate is painfully aware that she is not the woman he would have chosen given a choice.

Robert makes it plain that marriage is merely for the procreation of an heir, and once that is achieved, he intends to continue in London living the life he enjoyed before he met her. Kate suspects Robert plans to tuck her away in the country, while he pursues his own interests, and she becomes determined not to let him have it all his own way.

A quiet battle ensues. Kate is left to wander the echoing corridors of St. Malin House, when she isn’t thrown into the midst of the mocking and clever Haute Ton. She’s not at all sure she likes them, as they live by their own rules, which seem rather shocking. She’s not at all sure she likes her new husband either, except for his brilliant blue eyes, the panther-like way he walks, and the smoldering expression in his eyes when he looks at her. He is a rake and does not deserve her love, but neither can she resist his searing touch.

Robert appears quite willing to do his duty, but Kate demands love and affection, and nothing less will do.

Can people from two worlds, and two ideals, find their happily ever after?

Publisher's Note: This work was previously published, as a novella, under the title The Reluctant Marquess. The current work, as presented, has been significantly changed and edited, with substantial new material added.


“If we don’t marry, what will happen to you?” she asked.
He shrugged. “Life would go on much as it has done, I expect.”
She didn’t believe that for he was now a marquess, but still a very wealthy one. He didn’t want to marry her that was clear. But she would have a grim future, without some act of generosity on Robert’s part. Could she convince him to do that for her, without meeting the obligation of marriage?
Her parents had been in love and she’d wanted the same for herself. This arrangement offered none of the emotional depth she’d anticipated. What sort of existence awaited her, closeted in a mansion alone with servants, while her husband came rarely to see her?
She would be happier with a simpler life. Even a small farm like one of those they’d ridden past. A thatched roofed cottage with a few cows, pigs, ducks and chickens… And yet, she forced herself to look into his deep blue eyes, searching for something she didn’t find. Love, or even just warm anticipation at spending his life with her. He did not press for her answer, apparently already sure of what it would be. Why would he not be? A woman in her circumstances had little choice, but that didn’t stop her wayward thoughts or her last hope for a future.
“And what of my life? What will happen to me if we do not marry?”
“I can’t answer that with certainty, but I assume…” He spread his hands as though his empty palms reflected the empty life she would surely have. “Would you prefer I secure you a position in a household nearby? Perhaps as a governess? I know that my neighbor—” Apparently, he would not offer her a stipend.
She swallowed hard. “You must ask me properly.”
His brows peaked in surprise. “Very well,” he said with a laugh.
Despite her misgivings, Charity smiled. He had a lovely laugh, full-bodied and joyful. She liked him when he laughed; his reserve dropped away. She wanted to hear it again but was silenced when he solemnly knelt before her.
He gazed up at her a smile on his lips and a twinkle lurking in his eyes. “Charity, will you give me the greatest pleasure of becoming my wife?”
She took a deep breath. Say no, she urged herself. They were very different people. It would not work. She would struggle to measure up to him and probably fail, no matter how hard she tried. There was no love in his smile, just a rather lazy and lustful glance. That smile might set her pulses racing, but she had wanted much more from marriage, hadn’t she? She suspected he would offer financial assistance if she asked for it. Ask for it, her mind urged her. But he gazed at her in such a way that her body wasn’t listening. “I will, my lord.”
“My name is Robert, remember?” His voice carried a seductive tone as he rose and gazed at her mouth. A hot expression entered his eyes, and he took a step closer. She swallowed, and resisted the urge to step backwards, suddenly trembling. Did he mean to make love to her? Perhaps even before the marriage vows?
She was so vulnerable, with no one to chaperone her, he might do what he liked with her now. The thought of this was quite shocking, but not entirely unpleasant. He gazed down at her making her feel rather small and rather fragile. It was all happening too fast. She felt confused, wanting his touch and yet afraid that coming too soon, before she could give herself to him, gladly and with love, it would set the tone of the marriage and irrevocably spoil any chance of a love-match.
“But please allow me to make a demand of my own,” she said, placing a hand on his chest as he leaned close to her.
He straightened. “And what might that be?”
“I need time to get to know you before we… consummate the marriage.”
He frowned. “How much time?”
She touched her mouth with her fingers. “It’s hard to say. When we get to know each other better.”
“But of course. I bow to your wishes.” He made her an elaborate bow. When he raised his head, she saw something flicker in his eyes. Was it annoyance or frustration?