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English Historical Fiction Authors: Joining the Gentry from Maria Grace

English Historical Fiction Authors: Joining the Gentry: by Maria Grace The Regency era gentleman was a fairly rare bird. During the era, the gentry class only made up about one and one half per...

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Interview with Historical & Contemporary Romance Author Maggi Andersen by MYSTERYTHRILLERWEEK.COM

Interview with Historical & Contemporary Romance Author Maggi Andersen

Introduction message on Paper torn ripped opening

Please welcome Maggi Andersen, historical and contemporary romance author from New South Wales, Australia. She has a BA and Master of Arts in Creative Writing, loves local wildlife, and pens the Regency, Baxendale Sisters, and Spies of Mayfair series.  And she has an AWESOME WEBSITE. Please check it out, Maggiandersenauthor.com

Maggi Anderson

Now, let’s learn a little more about our friend, Maggi…

*What’s it like living in Australia?
It’s great! Australians are known for their easy-going attitude to life. I grew up close to the beach and my childhood was all sun, sand, and sea. My brother and I roamed free in those days. Now I live in a bustling village in the Southern Highlands near Sydney, where the spring and autumn are glorious and it sometimes snows, but lightly and rarely! It’s wine country, with rolling green hills, some covered in vines, horse studs and farms. The highlands has many endangered bird species and a large koala population. Old inns, and their ghosts, still operate in the historic villages nearby where the stage coaches once passed through during the 1800s. When I feel I need to break out of my self-imposed writer’s cocoon, I head to Sydney for a writer’s conference or Melbourne to visit family.

This is great. Would love to visit there one day. My wife has a cousin, uh, somewhere over there. Sorry memory fails me at the moment. 

Location Australia. Green pin on the map.

Here’s some additional pics…

Australia 2

Australia 3


*What led you to read the books of Georgette Heyer and Victoria Holt?
My mother loved them, and she handed them on to me. We reread them many times over and had lengthy discussion on each one. It was a special thing to share with her, with lovely memories now that she is no longer with us.
It’s lovely to share the joy of books with others, especially another family member. 

A book is a gift you can open again and again. -Garrison Keillor

*What do you love most about the Georgian and Regency worlds?
There is so much to write about. The history, manners, culture, fashions, gardens, mansions, and food aside, there was also the extravagant and extraordinarily self-indulgent Prince Regent, plus the lengthy Napoleonic wars. There was also the pulsating underworld where crime and vice of every kind flourished. The colorful Georgian era was less mannered, but equally as fascinating. Some of the people who existed in these eras seem larger than life, like Beau Brummel, who was a profound influence on men’s fashion and their bathing habits in the early 1800s. He was befriended by the Prince of Wales, but was always on the verge of poverty, which was then labeled ‘dun territory’. He lost the Prince’s friendship and left England a broken man. Young gentlemen were dangerously idle. Great gamblers, there are many instances where huge estates and wealth were lost at the gaming tables and the races.
I love what you’ve done with your historical series. It not only brings history alive, but it also transports you there in many ways. 

Vintage compass lies on an ancient world map.

*If you could send yourself back to those time periods what would you do?
Marry a duke of course.  Seriously, I would hope to be a member of the ton, the Upper Ten Thousand in society. Life could be very hard for the lower classes. If I was born without money or family, I’d be an actress, I always wanted to tread the boards.
Splendid! I always enjoy the answers to this question. 

*What are your top three experiences writing about these times?
Creating the three books in The Spies of Mayfair Series. A Dangerous Deception, A Spy to Love, and A Secret Affair. They were enjoyable to write, I loved the heroes and heroines, and researching interesting historical facts which included Napoleon’s escape from Elba, The Peterloo Massacre, and the famous Hope diamond, the blue diamond of the French Crown, stolen from King Louis XIV in 1791.
Awesome! Can’t wait to read all of them. 

A Dangerous Deception

A Spy to Love

A Secret Affair

*Tell us about your new release, The Baron’s Wife.
My new release The Baron’s Wife has just hit an historical mystery bestseller list on Amazon! Another of my favorite stories to write, it’s set during the late Victorian era, teetering on the brink of the 20 th Century, when so much was changing. Women were fighting for their right to vote, to gain access to university degrees and have other freedoms allowed to men. It would take many years for these things to be realized. My heroine, Laura Parr was involved in the Suffrage movement when she met her hero, Baron, Nathaniel Lanyon. She puts these dreams on hold after he sweeps her off her feet, marries her and takes her to his home, an ancient abbey in Cornwall. Laura soon discovers all is not as it seems in her new home. There’s a mystery surrounding Nathaniel’s first wife’s death. Nathaniel had been confident he could offer Laura a happy life, but the past comes back to claim him.
This sounds like an intriguing story!

The Barron's Wife

*What was a courtship like at the time of Laura Parr and Baron, Lord Nathaniel Lanyon?
For a strictly raised young lady such as Laura, her future marriage partner, and her courtship was often chosen and managed by the parents. Her father must first approve of the suitor and her mother would make sure she was chaperoned until the wedding. Many couples were virtual strangers when they married.
Wow. That’s amazing. The thought of my parents choosing my spouse makes me cringe.

*Is this a standalone or part of a series?
The Baron’s Wife is a standalone novel. It’s my third Victorian mystery romance. The first two are The Folly at Falconbridge Hall and The Diary of a Painted Lady.
I already downloaded this one!

*What else are you working on?
At present, I’m working on a new Regency series, The Kinsey Family, Unmasking Lady Helen, Book One. The story is filled with mystery, suspense and romance, Ancient Egyptian tombs, and art forgery. I hope to have it published by August. Also, my contemporary romantic suspense novella Finding Daniel is part of a boxed set coming in February 2018.
Sounds great, keep us posted. 

Thanks Maggi!

Amazon Author page:http://lrd.to/9bwVEjmPBk
Twitter: @maggiandersen

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The Baxendale Sisters Series is coming soon in a boxed set!

Meet the Baxendale family and learn of the five sisters journey to matrimony. Four have been nominated for awards.






Cover by Erin Dameron-Hill.


“I really enjoyed this novel. It was fun, thrilling, and romantic! A wonderful story filled with fantastic characters that you can’t help but fall in love with!” Amazon Reviewer.
“I enjoyed the story and characters, it was well written, and flowed wonderfully. I liked the little bumps and surprises that popped up along the way. A wonderful story!”
Reading Alley
“I do wish to thank Miss Anderson for giving us the gift of her talent.” Amazon Reviewer.
“Ms. Andersen has created a wonderfully intriguing cast of characters. THE SEDUCTION OF LADY CHARITY can stand alone but readers might find themselves returning to the first book of the series just to see what they might have missed from Ms Andersen’s original stories.”  InD’Tale Magazine
“Andersen writes an adventurous regency book that one wishes to keep reading, even after the story is done. This novel is part of a series but is a fantastic standalone work.” InD’Tale Magazine.

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My Gothic Romance Novel, The Baron's Wife is an Amazon bestseller with some great reviews!


Amazon Review: 

"When twenty-two-year-old Laura Parr meets thirty-two-year old Nathaniel, Lord Lanyon, a baron with a troubled past, in summer, 1899 he reminds her of Heathcliffe, a character from Wuthering Heights. The hackney carriage they share is involved in an accident. “Really, I don’t think this is necessary,” Laura protested when he lifted” her into his arms and carried her across the road. “And she a strapping female, who prided herself on being athletic and strong” whose father, a member of parliament, allowed her to attend lectures at university. Interested in women’s rights she does not want to marry, instead she plans to find employment and move into a flat in Bloomsbury.
Nathaniel, a widower whose wife died in mysterious circumstances, is confident of Laura’s passionate nature. “It was evident in the flash of her beautiful green eyes and her wilful mouth that he wanted badly to kiss but for a young lady as gently reared as her it could only mean marriage.” Nathanial woos her, tells her his wife would be “his partner in life”, weds her and takes her to Wolfram Abbey his country seat in Cornwall.
Laura believes her husband desires her but does not love her. Lanyon thinks: “Poor girl, what kind of future have I given her in a moment of madness? He would never be able to give fully of himself or to give her what she needed. Laura had given up so much for him. Compassion gripped him. He would do anything in his power to protect her.”
From the beginning of this spine-chilling Gothic Novel, with beautiful word pictures of Cornwall, the author skilfully creates fear and suspicion. The twist at the end is a fiendishly clever one which I did not anticipate. The Baron’s Wife deserves the five stars I have awarded it.

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In print! The Duke's Mysterious Lady by Maggi Andersen

For those who like to read print books, THE DUKE'S MYSTERIOUS LADY has been re-edited for print with a great new cover!

Available from Amazon stores:
Available in e-book. 

E-book cover by Erin Dameron-Hill
Print cover by Josephine Blake

Here's a snippet:

Her breath caught in her throat. What did this powerful man, this Duke, want with her? Her feet faltered on the path, but the footman was poised to re-enter the building through another door. As she ran after him, she lost a shoe. She bent and thrust the slipper back on, fearing she might lose him. She found him waiting for her before a pair of tall doors. His cold, impersonal glance swept over her before he knocked.

A deep voice answered, “Come.”

With a flourish, the footman threw the doors open, then paused. She realized with horror that he had no name with which to announce her.

“The woman ye found on the road, Y’grace,” he said.

She winced, burning with embarrassment and allowed herself to be ushered into the room. When the door clicked shut behind her, she felt strangely abandoned.

After the austerity of stone passages, the breakfast room was warm and welcoming with the rich aroma of coffee in the air. A brightly patterned carpet covered the parquetry floor. The late morning sun sparkled on diamond-paned windows with a view of the distant woods. She wished she was in those woods and not here.

Anywhere but here, at this moment.

The source of her discomfort rose from his seat at the table. He’d apparently rescued her. She did not recognize him. Would he know her? If he didn’t, what plan did he have for her? Best get that out of the way immediately. She straightened her shoulders and stepped forward.

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New Release! Victorian romantic mystery THE BARON'S WIFE by Maggi Andersen

After Laura Parr marries Baron, Lord Nathaniel Lanyon, he takes her to live in his ancient home in Cornwall. A dark cloud hovers over Wolfram. The death of Nathaniel’s first wife has never been solved, and some of the villagers believe him responsible. Struggling to understand the distant man she married, Laura tries to uncover the truth. With each stone unturned, she comes closer to danger.
Lord Nathaniel Lanyon had decided never to marry again. But when he meets Miss Laura Parr, the daughter of Sir Edmund Parr, one rainy afternoon, he realizes almost immediately that he must have her in his life. And the only way he could was to marry her.
Nathaniel believes that his troubled past is behind him and he can offer Laura a good life at Wolfram. However, he knows he can never offer her his heart. But as soon as they come to live in the ancient abbey, the past returns to haunt him, revealing secrets that he thought had been buried forever.
“A Gothic romance in the classic style, the author is a master at creating ominous atmosphere and multilayered characters.” Coffee Time Romance and More.
“The plot was interesting and the added mystery kept me riveted. The novel kept me wondering until the end.” The Romance Studios.
“It was hard to put the story down as the mystery kept just out of reach, drawing the reader in further to the storyline. [It] kept me up way too late into the night following the puzzle of Wolfram Abbey. I look forward to seeing more from Maggi Andersen.” Siren Book Reviews.
Previously published as Night Garden.
Great books from InD'tale Magazine.

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RONE AWARDS voting has begun!

THE SCANDALOUS LADY MERCY and THE SEDUCTION OF LADY CHARITY are up for the RONE AWARD! I'd very much appreciate a vote, thanks! http://www.indtale.com/2017-rone-awards-week-two

Amazon: http://lrd.to/9bwVEjmPBk

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REVIEW for THE SCANDALOUS LADY MERCY - The Baxendale Sisters Book #5

4.5 Stars

REGENCY; It is Lady Mercy’s first season and she is interested in marrying for love, just like all of her sisters. She is quite a unique individual because she also wants to be independent after she is married. She wants to create beauty aids such as facial creams and write a book about her beauty advice. She meets Lord Northcliffe who seems to disparage the idea of a woman writing and experimenting. On top of that, Northcliffe is a known rake. After he rescues Mercy from a terrifying situation at Vauxhall, Northcliffe is forced to ask for her hand. Will it be possible to overcome their difference and find love?
There are several plot twists in this charming story, which makes a real page-turner. The characters are plentiful and fresh and Northcliffe is quite noble. The scenery and muddy roads are described in exquisite detail and one feels as though they are there, riding on those roads on a slightly wild steed. The sisterly love is portrayed so beautifully that it almost oozes out of the book.
Andersen writes an adventurous regency book that one wishes to keep reading, even when the story is done. This novel is part of a series but is a fantastic standalone work.
InD’tale Magazine.


Review for Contemporary Romantic Suspense novel, TWINED

Nice review for TWINED

Being a twin was a blessing growing up, but Angeline fled to Hong Kong after her twin married Angeline's own ex-boyfriend. Now ten years later, Dany needs Angie to return home. A series of accidents and mysterious happenings doesn't make for a happy reunion and Angeline can't wait to escape back to Hong Kong and her job. Australian detective Inspector, Nicklaus Alexander oversees the investigation of Dany's accident but his attraction to Angie is no mystery. Can Nick solve the whodunnit and keep Angie and Dany safe or will the secrets Dany is hiding be the end of them all? The plot which leaves readers dangling until the end is masterfully woven. 
InD'Tale Magazine.

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Excerpt: THE SCANDALOUS LADY MERCY - The Baxendale Sisters Series Book #5

THE SCANDALOUS LADY MERCY - Baxendale Sister Series Book Five. Can be read as a standalone. #1 Regency and Suspense Amazon.Bestseller.
Enjoy an excerpt: AT TWO O’CLOCK the next day, Grant was admitted to the Baxendale’s house in Portman Square. During the night, he’d considered his options. Of course, he knew he must do the right thing, although he was confident that Lord Baxendale would refuse his offer. Grant had no estate or property to recommend him, his only income came from his grandmother who bequeathed him money. His father topped it up now and again if he overspent, but he believed young men needed to manage money and respect it. Too many fell afoul of the gambling hells.
Grant hoped they might come up with some other way to banish the rumors already doing the rounds, judging by the slaps on his back and the chuckles of his friends when he’d eaten at his favorite pub. He’d refused to discuss it, but that hadn’t tamped down speculation. With Lady Fountain spilling fantastical stories, God only knew what would be said in drawing rooms and balls this evening.
The butler showed him into Lord Baxendale’s library where Mercy’s father greeted him with a sober expression. He shook Grant’s hand and indicated a chair with the sweep of his hand. “I’m aware of what took place, Northcliffe. Mercy explained how you came to her aid, for which I express my heartfelt thanks. I am indebted to you. It was foolish of her to wander off alone and, but for you, I hate to think what might have happened to her. An unfortunate business.”
“I feel responsible, my lord, because I had undertaken to squire the ladies for the evening. I should never have left them unattended.”
“Mercy’s mother regrets her role in this…”
“I want to make amends.” Grant sat forward in the tan leather armchair. “I wish to ask for Lady Mercy’s hand. But I must be honest, sir, as things stand right now I have little to offer.”
Lord Baxendale bowed his head and thoughtfully steepled his fingers.
“And it will be some years, God willing, before I am able to,” Grant added, keen to make his position clear.
“Yes, I understand, Northcliffe, however…”
Grant’s shoulders tightened. He sat forward on his chair. “Sir?”
“I don’t see it as a barrier. You have excellent prospects. And my daughter will have a handsome dowry.”
Grant held his breath as his future unraveled before him.
“I don’t see why an engagement cannot be announced immediately,” Baxendale continued with a smile. “Unless, you have some objection?”
Grant cleared his throat. “No, my lord. I consider myself most fortunate.”
“Good, good.” Mercy’s father pulled the bell rope. When a footman appeared, he gave an order for Mercy to come to the library. “A whiskey to celebrate? Or should we wait for champagne at dinner.” Baxendale turned from the drink’s table on which decanters and glasses stood. “I hope you will dine with us?”
“I’d be delighted, thank you. Whiskey will do nicely.” He’d be glad of it. His throat was as tight as a drum. How had this happened? He felt as if he’d hurtled over Gaping Gill Falls in a tub. How could he continue his covert investigation while squiring Lady Mercy to every ball, soirée, theatre party, and dance in town? Not to mention that the parson’s mousetrap was looming, and with a lady not of his choosing, who’d exhibited a tendency to behave in a reckless, thoughtless fashion. He had little enough wish to tie the knot with any lady. And even though he had to admit Mercy was one of the loveliest debutantes out this Season, he did not want to be shackled to a silly girl barely out of the schoolroom with foolish ideas about running some kind of business. It was beyond the pale! Not only would he have to give up his freedom, he suspected she would make his life hell.
And what did Mercy feel about it? he mused. She’d expressed little gratitude for his assistance at Vauxhall. He allowed the smoky liquor Baxendale gave him to slide down his throat, with the hope it would revive him enough to inject some enthusiasm for his situation.
“You wished to see me, Father?”
Lady Mercy slipped into the room and her startled deep blue eyes gazed into Grant’s. Her pale gold hair was pulled neatly into a knot and the morning gown she wore of a pink flowered material with an embroidered white muslin collar at the neck, failed to disguise a pleasing figure and soft curves he’d taken note of the first night they’d met. Creases formed on her smooth brow and she licked her full bottom lip.
Grant quickly crossed his legs, attempting to ignore a flash of lust, annoyed by the turn his thoughts had taken. The lady was clearly not happy to see him.
“How is your ankle today, Lady Mercy?” He hoped she’d forgive him for not rising to greet her.
She gazed at him askance. “Very much better thank you, sir. And thank you for coming to my aid last night. It was kind of you to call. But not necessary. I have written to thank you.”
“Sit down, my dear,” Lord Baxendale said. “I have very good news. Lord Northcliffe has asked for your hand.”
“Oh no!” Looking stricken, Mercy sank onto the cream-and-bronze striped sofa.
Her father scowled. “That is not a graceful reply. I would expect better manners from you, daughter.”
“But Lord Northcliffe cannot mean it,” Mercy said, her voice choked.
Grant felt something from him was required. There was no going back on it now. “But I do mean it, Lady Mercy. I would be greatly honored if you agree to become my wife.”
Mercy merely raised her eyebrows and shook her head.
“Excellent.” Lord Baxendale stood. “I shall leave you two together for a few minutes to settle things between you.” He strode to the door with surprising confidence. It closed behind him with a final click.
A moment’s silence followed.
Grant sat on the sofa beside Mercy. He took her hands in his and cleared his throat. “Lady Mercy, will you do me the honor…”
She pulled her hands away and jumped up. “You are honor bound to do this because I was compromised. It’s too silly. You do not wish to marry me. I shan’t agree.”
Grant glanced up at her suddenly annoyed. Did she find him such a poor prospect? “At this moment, I have less to offer you when compared to your other suitors, but…”
She planted her hands on her hips and scowled fiercely. “You think I am mercenary?”
“We really don’t know each other that well as yet, do we?” he observed raising a single eyebrow. “But given time I trust we will. I’m afraid your father has decided we will marry. The die is cast.”
“Fear not, Lord Northcliffe, I shall find a way out of it.”
“Well, until you do, let us proceed with some civility,” Grant said stiffly, rising to gaze down at her. “Will you accept my proposal?” A quick marriage would be ideal after which she could live with his grandfather and he continue with his investigation.
She pressed her hands together. “Yes. I suppose we must then, for now.”
Hardly an encouraging or flattering reply. Grant forgot for a moment that he had been unfairly ensnared as he gazed down at her. He took her by the shoulders. “I am overcome with joy,” he said impassively and brought his mouth down on hers

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Review: Aurora's Pride by AnneMarie Brear

***** 5 Stars for me! This story wouldn't let me go!


1898 Yorkshire--Aurora Pettigrew has it all, a loving family, a nice home, a comfortable life. She's waiting for the right man to offer her marriage, and the man for her is Reid Sinclair, heir to the Sinclair fortune and the love of her life. But, Reid's mother, Julia, is against the match and her ruthlessness unearths a family secret that will tear Aurora's world apart.Unwilling to bring shame on her family and needing answers to the allegations brought to light by Reid's mother, Aurora begins a long journey away from home. She leaves behind all that is familiar and safe to enter a world of mean streets and poor working class. Living in the tenements of York, surrounded by people of a class she'd never mixed with before, Aurora struggles to come to terms with the way her life has changed. By chance, she reconnects with a man from her past and before he leaves with the army to war in South Africa, he offers her security through marriage. Aurora knows she should be happy, but the memory of her love for Reid threatens her future. When tragedy strikes, can Aurora find the strength to accept her life and forget the past?

My Review: Brear paints a gritty, but vivid picture of Victorian Yorkshire which held my interest until the end with wonderfully detailed and authentic descriptions of the poorest parts of Yorkshire and the characters who inhabit them. They all seem very real and leap off the page. The protagonist is a young, well born woman, Aurora Pettigrew who is forced to abandon her wealthy family, and becomes determined to find her birth mother. Discovering her is quite a shock. Aurora finds she must develop new skills to survive in the slums. Strong and determined she is constantly tested in a sometimes violent world. I stayed up late finishing this novel. Brear's stories are so unpredictable I couldn't guess the ending. There's a tender love scene, a handsome hero and the minor characters too are exceedingly well drawn. Made me a bit teary at one point, but the ending is heart warming.

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Giveaway from BookSweeps! Women Sleuth Mysteries! Win 45 Books and a Kindle Fire!

I'd like to win this one myself! Have you seen this awesome giveaway from BookSweeps? You can win my book AN IMPROPER EARL, plus books from authors like Denise Grover Swank and P.B. Ryan, and a Kindle Fire. This giveaway ends soon, so make sure you hurry and enter! Good luck!
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