Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Review from Joyfully Reviewed for Stirring Passions

Katherine “Kate” Kilgarth is not quite a proper young lady. She’s always enjoyed traipsing outdoors instead of embroidery. What she can’t understand is how her childhood friend and confident, Lord Laurence, has changed so much. To make matters worse, he disapproves of her interest in Broughton Hall and its new master.
For years, Broughton Hall has been boarded up after Lord Peter was killed in a fire. Now his older brother, Jason, has arrived to set everything to order. Kate’s curiosity prompts her to investigate. But she can hardly explore with Laurence seeking to undermine her at every turn.
Is it ire or something more that has her feeling so flustered by his actions?
Although Stirring Passions’ framework recalled Barbara Cartland, Georgette Heyer, and a touch of Jane Austen, the various plot twists, intrigues, and surprises kept me on my toes. Another point was the author did her homework when it came to the setting and the social mores. For me, that was part of the appeal of reading this story because details always add just the right amount of realism.

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