Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Great review from Coffee Time Romance 4 cups


STIRRING PASSIONSMAGGI ANDERSEN ISBN#: 1-58608-223-2September 2008New Concepts Publishingwww.newconceptspublishing.comE-Book$3.50 52 PagesRegency Set HistoricalRating: 4 Cups
Katherine (Kate) Kilgarth is just about to have her first season in London. Kate’s family always believed that Kate and their neighbor’s son Laurence Firth would marry, but Kate feels they are just friends, even though she cares for Laurence a lot. But Kate wants the passion that stirs her blood. When Kate first meets Jason Broughton of Broughton Hall she first dislikes him, but soon her feelings seem to change.
Laurence Firth has loved Kate for as long as he can remember. Kate wants her season in London and that is fine, but Laurence wants Kate to look at him differently and see him for the man he is, not the childhood friend she feels for. But when Kate seems to be infatuated with Jason Broughton and in fact gets herself in danger, Laurence decides it is time to change Kate’s mind for once and for all.
Kate overhears a plot against Jason Broughton and tells Laurence about it, but Laurence tells Kate to stay out of it. Little does Kate know Laurence is taking what she says a lot more seriously than she thinks. Now Kate is on her way back to let Jason know about the plot. After that Kate decides to get closer to the people out to hurt Jason and finds herself in great danger. Kate realizes a lot of things during this time, and one is only hoping she lives to tell the man she loves. When Kate is kidnapped Laurence only hopes he can save her in time even if it means losing her to another man.
This is an exceptional romance that is full of action, adventure and danger. Set at a fast pace, this tale carries you through the twists and turns and keeps you intrigued with the adventure that Kate is going through. The author did a fabulous job with character buildup and steady dialog. This reader was really impressed with the way this romance has another romance going on, but took nothing away from Kate’s story. A very energetic and fun read.

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