Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Escape to the world of 19th Century England

The settings for my historical novels are significant. In my world-building, I create a small part of the past through which my characters move. They come up against villians, are in danger of dying, fall in love, and marry in the English 19th Century. I hope readers will lose themselves in these worlds I create, whether the story is about a Regency viscount or a Victorian baron, and the clever and often beautiful women who rescue them from themselves. A world where a swish of silk skirt might reveal a slender ankle, or a low-cut gown, a creamy bosom decorated in jewels. A dashing rake sits confidently astride a magnificent stallion, but finds his better self in the love of a worthy woman. A young woman in peril escapes a ghastly end and falls in love. And in these worlds I create there are always mansions, from Tudor to neo-Classical to Baroque to Victorian Gothic. They are an integral part of my hero and heroine's world, and I lovingly embrace them in my books.
In LOVE AND WAR, the magnificent estate, Halcrow Hall, falls into ruin. Selena Wakefield agrees to marry Lord Devereux, although he admits he must marry to restore his house and lands, and doesn't love her. She fights to gain at least his respect, if not his love.
In STIRRING PASSIONS, the burned-out east wing of Broughton Hall hides a murderous secret, and Kate Kilgarth finds herself in danger when she tries to uncover it. Her childhood friend, Laurie tries to keep her safe. Can she trust Lord Broughton to tell her the truth?
In HOW TO TAME A RAKE, Lord Dangerfield's father has placed a codicil in his will. Blake must marry his cousin, Wilhelmina Corbet, a country hoyden in his opinion, or lose his inheritance, the glorious Hawkeswood. Willy has loved Blake forever, but is equally determined that Blake return her love, or leave her to make her own way in the world.
In PAINTED LADY coming to New Concepts Publishing in July, Gina is an artist's model who finds herself alone and unprotected in Victorian London. A man loves her but will his love destroy her? In present day London, two actors make the historical movie Painted Lady and their love affair threatens to tear their lives apart.
In RULES OF CONDUCT coming to Awe-Struck Books in October, Viola is found lying unconscious on the road by the Duke of Vale. She has lost her memory, but an old Tudor house swims into her mind, where wild roses grow and a horse nuzzles her hand for apples.
Settings are paramount in my novels, because they support the characters who come begging me to tell their stories.
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lastnerve said...

First off, great post! I have fallen in love with historicals only recently and I haven't read any of your books but can't wait to.


Lindsay Townsend said...

I love historicals because of the setting and your settings sound magnificent, Maggi!

Jacquie Rogers said...

I love historicals because a good, solid setting whisks me away from modern day, the telephone, the bills--everything for a few hours.

Kudos on creating such a strong setting in relationship with your characters.

Kathleen O said...

Oh I love historicals. You have created some fasinating back drops for your storys.. And your characters are wonderful.. I love 19the Centruy England..Those wonderful Dukes, who can be so cold and heartless but when they find the right woman to make them into warm and loving men... Great blog..

Danielle Thorne said...

Okay, halls and manors are definitely one of my favorite settings. I love picturing the details and going back to those eras in my mind. Your attention to detail is what makes the setting believable and the story move forward.

She said...

I enjoy historical romances. I might have a rudimentary knowledge of a time and place but I know that authors of historicals do a lot of research to make sure they get the time and place right. I always learn something new and if I am really interested I can learn more about it via books or the internet.

Linda Banche said...

I love historicals. You certainly have a wide range. I love it.

MarthaE said...

I love historicals and I agree that the mansions/castles are WONDERFUL and significant. The right "building", whether regal or delapitated, helps to expand the story. Your settings and stories sound like books I would love to read! mesreads[at]gmail[dot]com

Babyblue22 said...

Hey Maggie!
I love reading historicals and I believe that the setting plays the biggest role in making it really feel like your in a certain time period.
Your books sound great definitely going on my TBR list.

Monya Clayton said...

Maggi, you've certainly created wonderful backgrounds by using the noble houses of historical Britain. Just the thing to carry us all away from our own abodes for a brief escape. And your diverse characters are just the kind of people who should inhabit them!

Happy writing!

Infinite Designs said...


What an outstanding post! Your setttings sound wonderful. I can't wait to read some of your historicals.

Pam S

E.A. West said...

Your stories sound wonderful! It's amazing how integral setting can be when it comes to historicals. Thanks for sharing your insight!