Tuesday, April 20, 2010

AN IMPROPER LOVER is set in Regency England

Ladies of Regency England had little control of their lives. The rules of ton were strict. They attended balls and routs in private houses or Almack's Assembly Rooms in King Street off St. James's Street. In Almacks however, a committee of seven high-born ladies enjoyed absolute authority. Only they could grant vouchers for admission to the subscription balls on Wednesday evenings. No one could enter without their approval. Even the Duke of Wellington was turned away when dressed inappropriately! Intrigues abounded as vouchers were desperately sought. And yet, once inside, Almacks presented a rather dull evening by all accounts. Staid dancing, lemonade and stale cake and conversation was all that was found there. Until Countess Lieven introduced the seductive waltz and whizzed around the floor with 'Cupid' Palmerston. The 'voluptuous Waltz' mocked at by Byron in his poem, The Waltz, became all the rage.
Source: Regency London by Stella Margetson

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