Monday, May 24, 2010

Great review for If You Dare

Review - If You Dare by Maggi Andersen

Title: If You Dare

Author: Maggi Andersen

Publisher: Eternal Press

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Reviewed by: Shawn M. Weisser

A race against the clock. Does love conquer all?

Lucy Reed and Steve Fleming seem to have it all: a beautiful home they’re in the process of restoring, a loving relationship, and quite a sating sex life. Sure, mortgage payments and a few arguments are always around the corner, but no life can be perfect, right?

Maggi Andersen’s novelette was a quick read. Since it was fairly short she moved quickly through the story and I felt like it was much longer. She could have stretched the story out much longer but it was not necessary. She had romance, love, action, drama, and a happy ending. What more could you ask for. The heroine was not the traditional tough-as-nails, hardened, city woman taking on the bad guys. She was more like your friend who lived a nice life but nothing special or extraordinary about her. She acted out of fear and desperation to save the one she loved. Sweet read.

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