Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have just enjoyed another Sebastian St. Cyr mystery by C.S. Harris. Her research is impeccible and she tells a great story. I love it when I can't pick the murderer until the end. Don't read it if you want to dwell in Regency drawing rooms, Sebastian rarely spends much time in one. He is more often in dark alleys or in the case of this one, ancient church crypts. Harris' Regency world is a dark one, so accurately described you can see, smell and almost taste it. I delighted in every sentence of this novel. It is evident that the author has a PhD in European history. This shines through in the depth of her understanding of the very fabric of those times. It is not a romance, although there is enough of one running through each book to keep you interested. I love a romance, but also the politics and how the city of London dealt with crime. The magistrates, the Bow Street Runners and Westminster and the underlying mystery of Sebastian himself, set in this fascinatingly short period of history.