Friday, December 24, 2010

Great Review for LOVE AND WAR

Author:Maggi Andersen

Publisher:New Concepts Publishing

Copyright:April 2009

ISBN:Electronic ISBN(s): 978-1-60394-302-4


Review: When a boy wants a girl just for her money, it’s bad enough, but it’s even worse when he tells her so. This is just how author Maggi Andersen’s historical romance novella, Love and War, begins. Having read other books by Maggi Andersen, I have to say, Love and War is one of her more delightful and lighter pieces. It is a sensual bedroom romp and a bedroom farce combined. Love and War alternately had me laughing and then wondering how it was all going to end.

For beautiful Selena Wakefield, this is just what she wonders, too. She is wealthy, very wealthy. Living during the latter portion of England’s Regency, everyone places great stress on her getting married. Even though reluctant to do so, she knows she will have to, and soon.

However, there is a problem. Well, several actually. First, Selena rightly suspects the reason she is so often courted by young men is not so much because of her good looks, or winning personality, as it is for her money. Her wealth draws men like flies. Secondly, Selena wants to marry only for love and this is not an easy thing to do when one is very rich.

The good news is she has found someone to love. That someone is Gyles Devereux, a stunningly handsome ex-soldier. The bad news is that Gyles is not in love with her. What’s worse, he makes it very plain to Selena that he would rather not marry at all. Gyles seems to have a low opinion of women, so if he has to marry, then it will be only for the money such a wife would bring him. After all this is made very clear to Selena, he then proposes to her, yet again. When Selena gives in and accepts his marriage proposal as the least of all available evils, matters only proceed to get more complicated.

Author Maggi Andersen has outdone herself with Love and War. She paints in the background of the later Regency period with exquisite detail, including locations, costumes, and even common slang of the times. One feels as if one were there, standing amidst a crowd in the pump room at Bath.

Combine such settings with a great and fun plot, and the result is Love and War. Maggi Andersen has created a delightful piece of entertainment. If you enjoy a sensual romance, one with good plot, lighthearted and at times heartbreaking touches, then you will love, Love and War. Ms. Andersen is a consummate author and appears to be a dawning new star of Regency and Historical Romances. Jane Austen – you’d better watch out!

Reviewed By Rob Shelsky

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