Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unlock the Secrets to Successful E-Book Promotion!

1.Write great books in a definable genre

2.Get your book reviewed and advertise it. Review other author's books.

3.Get involved in Social networking, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Stumbleupon

4.Establish a website and blog and keep it active – reach out to your readers. Consider a newsletter.

5.Use the Power of Links

6.Join author/reader groups and forums like Goodreads, AuthorDen, Librarything, Kindleboards.

7.Join groups in your genre - try to join a joint blog and post regularly

8. Use free advertising and some paid advertising if you can afford it, but first check that the site gets good coverage.

9.Establish your brand in your genre so people get to know you and your books. Have or make business cards and hand them out. Promo items with your book cover are useful too if you attend conferences.

10.Get a blog, and invite guests to it to bring people to your site. Be interviewed on other people's blogs, offer a contest, or free book.

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