Sunday, March 6, 2011

Night Garden now in print!

My Victorian mystery romance is now available in print from!
Laura Palmer marries the mysterious baron, Lord Nathaniel Lanyon, and goes to live in his ancient home in Cornwall. A dark cloud hovers over Wolfram. The death of Nathaniel’s first wife has never been solved, and some of the villagers believe him responsible. Struggling to understand the distant man she married, Laura tries to uncover the truth. With each stone unturned, she comes closer to danger.

Excerpt: Feeling uneasy and restless, Laura went for a walk before
dinner. Wrapping herself warmly in a shawl, she wandered
the grounds below the abbey. She found herself at the gate to
the graveyard, entered and walked beneath the trees. The
long grass had not been scythed for some time, and almost
covered some of the old gravestones. Laura read each one,
finding Nathaniel's father, but not his mother among them.
Roaming further towards the water she discovered the one
she'd been unconsciously searching for:

Amanda, Lady Lanyon. Born: 1868. Died: 1897.
Her soul has now taken flight
To glorious mansions above,
To mingle with angel
A bunch of wilting wildflowers lay beside the stone.

Laura wondered if Nathaniel left the flowers, and if he had
created the beautiful verse. The sea wind sharpened and she
shivered, wrapping her shawl more closely around her
shoulders. Feeling like an intruder, she hurried away.
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