Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review of And Only To Deceive by Tasha Alexander

And Only to Deceive is Tasha Alexander's first novel and it's a good one. I enjoyed the exquisite details of Ancient Greek art which form a large part of this mystery. As a writer, I had my editor's hat on - can't take it off for a Victorian - and nothing pulled me up. Lady Emily is a strong character and I liked it that Alexander stuck to the rules of Victorian society and didn't make this an unbelievable pot boiler. The heroine moves within the confines of the highly structured Victorian society, although she does make small leaps towards independence, and we are with her all the way. In this and the fact that she didn't really know her husband or love him before he died is realistic in an arranged marriage. It is touching that she begins to fall in love with him as she learns more about him after his death. Although I strongly suspected who the culprit was before the end, it didn't detract from my enjoyment because Alexander still held some unanswered questions up her sleeve.

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