Saturday, May 28, 2011

RULES OF CONDUCT now in print!

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4 Hearts from THE ROMANCE STUDIO: "Plain and simple, this is one sweet romance full of adventure and mystery that shouldn't be missed."

The Duke of Vale is destined to marry the woman his parents have chosen for him. But he cannot forget the beautiful and mysterious woman he calls Viola.
After losing her memory, Viola knows only of her Classical education, and her love for the Duke of Vale. In her flight from danger, she has broken all the rules of conduct. As she falls further in disgrace and her choices narrow, she must fight for what is hers.
Before breakfast the next morning, Viola walked the
grounds with Ulysses, pausing for the little dog to stop and
sniff here and there. He enjoyed these outings and came to
expect them. She wandered over the soft lawns to the folly, a
romantic arrangement of ancient looking columns covered in
creeper with a small pool that the dog drank from. It was cool
here and quiet and she liked to be alone with her thoughts.
The dog raised its head and the rippled water reflected a
figure behind her. Viola turned.
"I saw you walk down from the house. You come here
every day, don't you?" Hugh said.
Her heart picked up its beat as it always did in his
presence. His dark hair looked unbrushed and he was dressed
as if he'd rushed into his clothes.
She smiled. "I like the early morning."
"I remember how you liked to walk at Vale Park."
"And you like to ride."
He ran his hand through his hair, but it still flopped onto
his forehead. Viola's fingers itched. "I'll go presently."
"I wish I could ride with you." It was out before she knew
His eyes brightened. "You might do so. If we take a groom
with us."
"I can't though. I've promised to go on a carriage ride with
Lady Clarissa. She wishes to show me more of the
"I see. Perhaps another time." He squatted to give Ulysses
an indifferent pat. "I miss my dogs."
"They must miss you too." Any living creature would miss
him, she thought.
He straightened and looked at her. "Do you enjoy your
stay here?"
"I do. Very much." She wondered where this was leading.
He glanced around. "It's very...ordered, isn't it?"
"Yes," she said, completely in accord with his thinking, but
unable to say so.
"A credit to my brother-in-law."
"And Vale Park is wilder, isn't it. I've never sought to tame
"Wild, yes, gloriously so," she almost whispered.
There came a pause, and her glance slid away, when she
was unable to bear the look in his eyes. Wanting to go to him
and kiss him, and run her fingers through his hair. He stood
so tall, like a strong oak, and yet...and yet.
His eyes went to her mouth and he took a step forward.
Ulysses, perhaps sensing a change in the atmosphere, gave a
high-pitched bark.
Hugh shook his head. "I'd better get that ride in before
breakfast," he said, moving away.
"Yes," Viola said weakly. "It's going to be a lovely day."
He stared back at her. "Lovely," he echoed.

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