Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great 5 star review for The Reluctant Marquess!

Poor Charity seeks the charity of her godfather when she loses her parents in a carriage accident. Alas for the poor lass, when she arrives she finds that her godfather has too passed away and standing in his place is his good looking nephew - the reluctant marquess (Robert). The reluctant marquess who has to now bear the burdens and take the reins of running his goduncle's numerous estates and to fulfill his goduncle's last riches - which includes marrying Charity! Left with little choice, Charity decides to marry Robert. Would their marriage of convenience evolve into something more? Or is she doomed to be stuck in the country after producing the heir (and maybe a spare)?

Surprisingly engaging as the reader is left to wonder on how the two of them would come together. I read with some initial trepidation as I really dislike reading books with any hint of adultery in them (fortunately, this one doesn't have any, although for plot suspense they have to throw in some distractions). I do like the way that Charity is portrayed - she thankfully doesn't fall into the "annoying troublesome heroine who does stupid things for plot advancement" and she does voice out her unhappiness from robert from time to time (so she also doesn't fall into the "why does she have to suffer in silence and not smack some sense into the hero" category of heroines).

It's a pretty good read and it's nice to read about the romance in the context of a married couple. The author also nicely captures the naunces in a romance between a couple - loved the snippet on if a guy is interested in you, he can't help himself but to take a second look at you. *swoon*
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