Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Great review for Murder in Devon!

When Casey Rowan, a young American woman living in England, finds two good friends murdered, she is determined to find the killer at any cost.  Rod Carlisle, the investigator on the case just wants Casey to stay out of his business. As the web of intrigue grows more tangled, so does their fragile romance, especially since Casey is the prime suspect.
Casey is one of those heroines we love because she dives into what she believes is right with no thought to her own safety. All she wants is justice. But she finds the evidence leads her deeper into other cover-ups and misdeeds, and soon she finds herself in danger. It’s the perfect set up for a murder mystery one can’t put down.
This latest novel by Maggi Anderson is a well crafted story of romantic suspense. Readers who enjoy books by P.D. James will enjoy this intellectual mystery. I found myself checking back and rereading sections of the book to make sure I didn’t miss a single clue. The fun of a mystery is not being outwitted, but this book had me second guessing myself all the way to the last page.
Suzanne at TeacherWriter.

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