Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My blog tour continues with a great Review for Murder in Devon.

Maggi Andersen- Murder in Devon
 Format- Paperback
 Source- Review copy
 Publisher- Black Opal Books
 Publication date- 25th Feb 2012
Genre: Contemporary Mystery/Romantic Suspense
 Synopsis- She wants the truth, but it may cost her more than she thinks…
An ex-patriot-American living in England, magazine reporter Casey Rowan wakes to find one best friend murdered and another seriously injured. Casey is determined to find the killer, despite running afoul of the detective in charge of the case—a blue-eyed Scot named Rod Carlisle, who considers her a prime suspect. As Casey gets closer to the truth, losing her heart to the sexy cop isn’t the only thing she risks. Now her life is danger, too.
He wants her, but he may have to choose between love and duty…
Rod has no patience with civilians who interfere in police matters, even hot little numbers like Casey. Though he tries to keep things professional, Casey’s beauty and spunk are hard to resist. He warns her that what she’s doing is dangerous, but he only succeeds in alienating her. She refuses to listen and goes off on her own with disastrous results. Now Rod’s in a race to find the killer before the woman he loves becomes the next victim.
 Review- Murder in Devon was a thoroughly enjoyable romantic suspense novel by Australian author Maggi Andersen.  Set in the chilly, wary town of Devon, England, women’s magazine journalist Casey Rowan returns from America to spend some time with close friends Don and Tessa.  Groggy from sleep one morning she stumbles across a horrific murder scene in their sitting room. Don has been killed and Tessa has been seriously injured and hospitalised.
Casey’s inherent journalistic drive kicks in and she is desperate to find the killer regardless of handsome Detective Rod Carlisle’s advice for her to steer clear of their investigation.  Casey is stubborn and persistent and ruffles up the feathers of people who do not want the truth known and will do anything to ensure that happens.
Not only is the crime plot and suspense well-written and engaging, with Casey tramping across England and even over to Germany to investigate the murder, the romantic element of the story is also well paced with plenty of chemistry and tension. Casey is head-strong and determined whereas Rod is more level-headed and sensible and his deep attraction to her drives him to protect her and keep her safe.  I really enjoyed the slow-building connection between the two of them, with Rod’s honesty about his feelings for her at the outset and Casey’s defences that put up barriers to their relationship progressing throughout the story.
There’s plenty of interesting characters in this novel and I felt Casey grew as an individual and in her relationship with Rod, overcoming some of the difficulties that prevented her from committing. Murder in Devon is an absorbing romantic suspense novel with plenty of action and twists.
Maggi is stopping by for a guest post and international giveaway in 2 days, so please check it out.
4/5 rating

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