Thursday, May 31, 2012

This took my fancy

While most statutes (in England) are long winded, the shortest seems to be from 1487, which reads: "None from henceforth shall use to multiply gold or silver, or use the craft of multiplications, and if any do the same, he shall incur the pain of felony." It seems to be warning you not to get rich quick and comes immediately before another, more straightforward, felony - that incurred by cutting the tongue or plucking out the eyes of the King's liege men.
From: The strange Laws of Old England by Nigel Cawthorne


JP Lane said...

Mmmm. Wonder if they shouldn't reinstate that law. Great find, Maggi.

Maggi Andersen said...

Which one Joan? Do we aim at media barons and mining corporations, or threaten our unruly politicians?