Thursday, June 21, 2012

4 star review from RT Book Reviews for Hostage to Fortune

by Maggi Andersen
Genre: Historical Romance, E-book, England, France
Sensuality: HOT
Setting: 1792 England and France
****4 Star RT Rating
This is an adventure not to be missed. The excitement mounts as danger appears around every corner. The devastation of the French Revolution is a backdrop to the well-executed plot. Love is in the air for three couples, but will they survive to realize their dreams?
Verity is an actress whose father is in a French dungeon. To free him she must deliver Anthony Beaumont in trade. She travels to London to seduce Anthony into following her to France. She doesn’t plan on falling in love. Then, he hares off on his own to France to locate his brother-in-law. Verity follows him, reluctantly taking along his daughter who refuses to be left behind. Unfortunately, they just miss joining Anthony, as soldiers of the Revolution reach their destination ahead of them and capture him and his brother-in-law. Will everyone finally be reunited, or will they face the guillotine?

Paris 1792
          The women dancing the minuet were like pale moths in their simple white gowns, for few dared dress as lavishly as they had three years before. The attack on the Bastille had seen to that. Any connection, however tenuous, to the old aristocracy did not bode well for the future. Now, the pretty butterflies had vanished from Versailles along with their queen.
          But an actress should never bow to convention, so Verity had chosen to wear a gown of heavily-ribbed, jonquil silk brocaded with roses from her last play. When the music died away her dance partner, Monsieur Picard escorted her from the floor, bowed and left her. She perched on a gilt chair beside a column and snapped open her fan, bored and longing to leave. But she was here at the invitation of Georges Danton and could not afford to insult a man as powerful as he.   
          Another influential man, a member of the Jacobin Club sworn to protect the revolution from the aristocrats, Jacques Rocchard, appeared at her side offering her a glass of champagne. “You look magnificent tonight, Mademoiselle Garnier.” His greedy, light brown eyes perused her form.
          Merci.” She tamped down a shudder, and forced a smile as she smoothed her skirts.
          He leaned down, and his fingers brushed a powdered ringlet resting on her shoulder, a brief, sly action. “That is a triumph. You are like a spring bloom in a winter garden.”
          Resisting the urge to smack his stupid face, Verity looked around at the crowd. The women whispered behind their fans, and the men watched with raised brows. They knew what Jacques wanted. It was no secret, he desired her for his mistress. It would prove difficult to keep him on her side while using his interest for her own ends, but she determined to try. More enemies than friends were to be found in Paris in these troubled times, and she needed friends desperately now.
          “My lady wife is away from home. Come to my apartment on the Rive Gauche, corner of the Rue Seguier, at midnight tomorrow night,” he murmured.
          “Why do you persist after I have refused you?”
          He looked very sure of himself. “I like to collect beautiful things. And you are undeniably beautiful, mademoiselle.”
          A feeling of dread consumed her. “As you wish, monsieur.”
          Not wishing to upset his host, Jacques nodded and hurried away at the sight of Georges Danton making his way towards her. Verity would think of the best way to deal with this latest dilemma later. Relief at seeing Jacques leave was quickly replaced by anxiety. She eyed the massively built and powerful man before her, and straightened her shoulders. His eyes held a victorious gleam, for he knew he held her future in his hands.


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