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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Another great 5 star review for Murder in Devon!

I had a great time reading Murder in Devon by Maggie Andersen. The heroine is Casey Rowan, a journalist for a women's magazine in England. While staying with long time friends, Don and Tessa Broughton, she wakes one morning to a gruesome scene. Don has been murdered and Tessa is clinging to life. Although Tessa eventually recovers, she can't help identify the murderer.

Considered a suspect in the beginning, she is the only one left alive in the house; propels Casey into action, much to Detective Rod Carlisle's annoyance. He thinks she's meddling, she thinks she investigating and isn't about to stop.

The clues lead her down different paths. One which takes her into the world of art collectors and artwork stolen by the Nazis in World War II, which I have always found a fascinating subject. For Casey, the mystery of Don gets deeper and she soon learns you may not know your friends as well as you think. Everyone has secrets and so did Don and Tessa.

When Casey is cleared as a suspect, Rod reluctantly agrees to let her use her journalist privileges to probe certain suspects. Until she becomes a target herself.

There is a nice romance between Rod and Casey. The first time they consummate their relationship, it's a short but hot scene. After that, their time together is more implied. While I would have liked a little more sizzle in the later scenes, it certainly didn't take away from my total enjoyment of this novel. The plot was solid and well thought out.

I don't know what the author's intentions are, but I would like to see another story or two involving Rod and Casey. Their chemistry is good and I think they'd be a fun and entertaining crime solving duo.

I would definitely recommend this book, especially if you are a fan of murder mysteries. The author keeps you guessing until the end. Debbie Christiana
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