Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Endings Giveaway Hop!

There are some great giveaways to be won at the Happy Endings Giveaway hop!

We authors have been asked to tell a story with a happy ending.

Here's mine.

We live in the countryside outside Sydney, Australia. A creek runs along the bottom of our land. In the recent heavy rain it had almost broken it's banks. Around lunchtime, our cat, Africa went for a wander. She was never away long, she's a home loving cat. A champagne Persian, she has a lovely nature and my husband and I adore her. When the hours passed and she didn't come home, I began to worry. I walked around the neighborhood calling her. We get the odd snake here and I worried that she might be hurt, or worse. I checked the roads and was relieved when I didn't spy her little furry body. It grew dark, my husband was on the expressway returning home and I was now convinced that something had happened to her. I walked down through the grounds of the neighboring house in the dim light to the creek calling her. Disheartened, I turned away, to return to the house and await my husband with the distressing news. Halfway up the garden I heard a faint mew. Racing back to the creek I called her. She mewed again. I spied her through the gloom standing on the opposite bank. The creek was too deep for me to cross. I wasn't sure what to do, to go by road meant losing sight of her for a while. Before I could decide, Affie decided for me. She swam across the creek! I have never seen a cat swim, and I knew Affie had a strong aversion to water. She followed me meekly home. She was exhausted and covered with thick mud! Something had obviously startled her possibly a snake. She'd fallen into the creek and, finding herself on the opposite bank, then got lost. I ran a warm bath and stood her in it. She quietly let me wash the grit and mud from her fur, an amazing thing in itself.
A very happy ending!
(Africa was rescued from the pound in a dreadful state with matted fur and the flu when she was 8 months old.)

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