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She fled Ireland because her life was in danger, now her troubles are worse…

To escape a deadly stalker, Caitlin Fitzgerald flees her home in Ireland and takes a governess job in the top end of Australia. In her chosen safe haven, she has poisonous snakes, spiders, and crocodiles to contend with. And the very handsome and moody station owner, Jake Monterey, to keep her awake at night. But not only is Caitlin at risk of losing her heart to Jake and his two adorable children, the danger she thought she’d left behind has found her again. Has she unwittingly placed the lives of those she loves in jeopardy?

With Murderous Intent is a story with a strong heroine, a mysterious, emotionally wounded, sexy hero and peril around every corner.

Caitlin travels far from her home to work as a nanny in Australia, hoping this will keep her safe. Little does she know she trades one danger – a crazy ex – for others: venomous snakes, crocodiles and more. She spends much of the beginning of the story learning how to survive in the Australian outback.

The children are sweet and engaging, the hero (their father) starts out aloof and disconnected, but she slowly changes that and really, though this is marked as a suspense novel, its focus is really on the romance and characters.

For a touching romance with a touch of terror, I can recommend With Murderous Intent.

Dublin, Ireland:

n ten hours she would leave Ireland, possibly forever. Caitlin Fitzgerald eased her stiff shoulders and stirred the froth in her coffee with a spoon. The café was overheated, the air stuffy with the scents of the overdressed crowd, sheltering from the weather. A heavy downpour reduced the view through the window to a blur of moving shapes.
Caitlin’s best friend, Rebecca Dunton, a teacher at the school where Caitlin had taught until last week, furled her umbrella as she entered through the door, her short brown hair curling damply around her face.
She ordered a drink at the counter and came and sat down.
“It’s bad news,” she said without preamble.
Caitlin huffed out a breath. Somehow she’d convinced herself there was nothing seriously wrong with Becky. “Tell me.”
“It’s breast cancer.”
“Oh my God, Becky!” Caitlin leapt up to hug her. “They’re sure?”
Becky nodded and, with a shaky hand, picked up the coffee cup just delivered to the table. “They plan to remove the lump. I go into the hospital next week.”
“I can’t leave now. I’ll cancel.”
Becky slammed the cup down, spilling froth onto the table. She reached over the table and grabbed Caitlin’s hand. “You will go. You must.”
“But you need support through this.” Caitlin swiped away a tear. “I want to be here for you.”
Becky adjusted her glasses with a finger, a gesture so familiar it tore at Caitlin’s heart. “No, my sweet. You will go as planned. You know you can’t stay here.”
“If you stayed in Dublin, I’d be worried about you the whole time. Now that wouldn’t be good for me, would it?”
“I guess not,” Caitlin said doubtfully.
“Good, then it’s settled. We’ll keep in touch.”
“I believe there’s some mobile reception there, although it’s unreliable. I’ll ring you every day.”
“You won’t. It would cost you a king’s ransom. Text me whenever you can.”
“You can believe it. I’m there at the end of the phone, anytime you want to talk.”
Becky gave a wan smile. “I know you will be, Cat. And God bless you for it. But I won’t relax until you’re on that plane and safe.”



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