Thursday, November 14, 2013

First review for Taming a Gentleman Spy, the second book in the Spies of Mayfair Series.

My first review for Taming a Gentleman Spy. Nicole Laverdure wrote: "That sweet unforgettable kiss 4.5
I had the chance to receive an ARC of Taming a Gentleman Spy written by Maggi Andersen. This is an intriguing Regency story with loving characters. Sibella is an outspoken young woman who doesn't want to marry and give up her independence and John Haldane, a dashing Earl who loves his solitude and wants to stay free. The intrigue was well developed, believable and well-written. It all started, when an innocent kiss between Sibella and John, ignited a sweet passion. Younger, she had always admired him in secret, but now, several years later, he had returned from war, more handsome but with lots of secrets. Their families were quite aware that they were meant for each other and began to meddle in their affairs. Their friendship gradually evolved to love. Then the fun began! They both played the cat and mouse game. Pretending to be friends only, their families developed a plot to get them together. It is a beautiful historical romance of the lives of the rich and famous during the Regency period. It's sweet, charming and filled with schemes and plots. Will Sibella forget this man who gave her this sweet kiss? Will she choose the man of her life by listening to her heart or her reason? All these questions will be answered when you read this novel. Ms. Andersen's style of writing kept my interest throughout the whole book. I recommend this novel. Expected publication December 4th 2013."
Print release 2014.

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