Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More on my Regency Spy Series

Marketing for Romance Writers' Books Hooks #MFRWhooks

It's Wednesday and time for the Marketing for Romance Writers Books Hooks mini hop! (see linky list below) Participants post 6-8 sentences from their novel.
THE SPIES OF MAYFAIR is a Regency series. Members of the ton, my three heroes and heroines all live in Mayfair during the Season, which is the most glamorous area in London. Each book is filled with intrigue, adventure and romance: The first, A BARON IN HER BED, features Guy, Baron Fortescue and Miss Horatia Cavendish. The second, TAMING A GENTLEMAN SPY, John Haldane, Marquess of Strathairn and Lady Sibella Winborne. In WHAT A RAKE WANTS, an Irish diplomat, Flynn,Lord Montsimon and widow, Lady Althea Brookwood tell their story in the final book (Released August 26th with Knox Robinson Publishing) All the stories stand alone, yet all men and women are connected by friendship.

King George sends his private investigator, an Irishman, Kieran Flynn, Lord Montsimon, on a mission, the reason for which is unclear. Is it a plot against the Crown? Or something entirely unrelated? Flynn's inquiries lead him to the widow, Lady Althea Brookwood. Known amongst the ton as a rake, Flynn is rarely turned down by a lady, and when Althea refuses not just him but many other men, he becomes intrigued.
How smug he looked. She would love to take men like him down a peg or two. She could never embark on such a scheme as her aunt suggested. It was too devious, even though she liked few men, and as for rakes, they deserved all they got. “Ah, Lady Brookwood, you disappoint me. Here I was thinking there was more to you than being content with the dull life you appear to lead.” He looked down at her as they joined the rest to leave the floor. “I sensed a desire for adventure, romance. I’m sure I glimpsed it in your lovely eyes.” “I am most concerned for your sight, Lord Montsimon. Perhaps a physician?” she said crisply, stung by his assumption that her life was dull.

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