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Saturday, December 13, 2014

#Review What a Rake Wants - The Spies of Mayfair Book 3

Review of WHAT A RAKE WANTS - The Spies of Mayfair series Book 3

Widow Althea Brookwood has been left virtually penniless, with the exception of a small bit of her dowry and Owltree Cottage. Lord Montsimon starts showing interest in Lady Althea, although he is known to be a rake and has always proclaimed to be against marriage. Althea tries to avoid the man; for although she knows this to be the case she finds she is developing feelings for him. Neighbor Lord Crowthorne suddenly is interested in Althea's Owtree Cottage and tells her that if she won't sell it to him, he'll take it from her and make her his mistress in the deal. 
Frightened, she goes to a family friend, but he is immediately murdered. A second friend is of no help and she finds the only one left to help her is Montsimon.

This is a wonderful adventure story within an adventure! The king sends Montsimon on a quest that seems separate from the trouble in which Lady Althea finds herself. It seems that no matter where Althea goes, trouble follows or just precedes her. She is a likable character in spite of her temper. Montsimon is the antithesis of Althea. He is levelheaded, even in affairs concerning the fair lady. The backdrop for the story is beautiful England and the scenery is described brilliantly. 
Brenda Wilson 
Ind'Tale Magazine

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