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Review LADY HONOR'S DEBT (The Baxendale Sisters)

Great review: This is a sweet romance...the plot is unique and delightful, it is refreshing to read something a little more intricate. This was a wonderful, compact story that was enjoyable to read. This reader looks forward to reading the next installment in this delightful series! InD'Tale Magazine. 


Freedom. That’s all Lady Honor Baxendale wants—for her sisters and for herself. Honor has a bold plan to become financially independent, using a skill she learned at her father’s knee. She seeks the help of a solicitor and is pleased with her choice…as long as she can resist the solicitor himself.
Lord Edward Winborne has been happy to come to the aid of his four sisters in the past. But when a neighbor’s daughter, Lady Honor Baxendale, requests his help for a dangerous scheme she has in mind, he feels it his duty to dissuade her. When that fails, he wants to protect her, and then somehow finds he wants to do more. Much more.

Enjoy a Taste:

The unseasonably warm spring day matched Edward’s mood as he walked along the leafy street to his office in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. He was pleased to put his filial visit to Brandreth Park behind him and hoped that his mother had lost interest in him now that his sister Sibella was about to give birth. He metaphorically rolled up his sleeves, ready to tackle the cases awaiting him. Entering his rooms, Edward greeted his clerk, Roland, and drew him into a discussion of matters awaiting his perusal. He headed into his office. “Coffee, Roland.” The room had that reassuring smell of weighty legal tomes and old files of completed matters resting in pigeonholes along the walls. He sat in his leather chair, which was warmed by the sun. With a sigh of satisfaction, he began to sort through the correspondence stacked neatly on his wide oak desk. Edward had only dealt with one letter when Roland entered with his coffee.
“There’s someone here to see you, my lord.”
Edward tapped an impatient finger on the open file before him. “I have no appointments this morning.”
“The lady has asked for a moment of your time.”
“You know I never see anyone without an appointment.”
“Yes, but the lady is an acquaintance.” Roland shuffled his feet. “I’m sorry, my lord. She refuses to leave. She insists you’ll see her.”
He shut the file and sighed. “Her name?” “Lady Honor Baxendale.” Edward’s eyebrows rose. The last lady he expected to see. He smoothed his hair and stood. “Ask her to come in.”
Lady Honor walked into the room, bringing with her the scent of violets. “It’s very good of you to see me, my lord.” She handed her pelisse to Roland with a purposeful gesture, which suggested her stay would be a lengthy one.
Edward sighed inwardly. “Not at all. Please have a seat. May I offer you coffee or tea?” “No, thank you.” She wore a drab-colored walking gown and a plain bonnet. Not much improvement there. “I did not expect to see you in London, my lady,” Edward said, tactfully refraining from adding “in my office.”
“My stepfather has agreed to Faith staying in town for the Season. My mother and I are here to chaperone her.”
“Lady Faith mentioned she wished to attend balls and dances. I am pleased for her.” He was pleased. He liked Faith. “Thank you.”
“Does that mean her engagement to Lord Gillingham is no longer forthcoming?” She settled her skirts around her. “That is so.”
“Then what might I do for you, my lady?” His gaze came to rest on her eyes. Hazel? Brown? Dashed glasses reflected light. How shortsighted was she? Ladies so seldom wore glasses; even his mother refused to be seen in them. “You have a problem?” Lady Honor clasped her hands in her lap. “I wish you to find someone for me.”
 The request seemed so incongruous that Edward found himself staring. He gathered his wits. “Someone you know has gone missing?”  

LADY FAITH TAKES A LEAP (Book 2) is coming soon.

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