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Friday, September 30, 2016

" Beautifully written" 5 STAR REVIEW Diary of a Painted Lady by Maggi Andersen

In Diary of a Painted Lady, an intriguing time slip novel, Andersen skilfully weaves her characters’ past and present lives.

Present day Paris. Astrid le Clair refuses to marry Philippe her partner for 5 years. She is serious about furthering her career as an actress, and travels from France to England, where she hopes to make her name in the film, Painted Lady, adapted from a diary kept by Giovanna, step-daughter of renowned pre-Raphaelite artist, Milo Rosso.

Ivor Heath, England. Dylan prepares to take the male lead in Painted Lady. When he meets his co-star he is fascinated by her.

London, 1890. Blair Delaney attends an auction. He is struck by the beauty of Milo Rosso’s painting of Aphrodite. He buys it with the intention of finding the model. When he does, she exceeds his expectations.

Throughout the beautifully written novel, Andersen is in complete control of her characters. She swept me into scenes that tempted me to read on. I am sure her many fans and new readers will enjoy Diary of a Painted Lady

Rosemary Morris. 

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