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Friday, May 26, 2017

In print! The Duke's Mysterious Lady by Maggi Andersen

For those who like to read print books, THE DUKE'S MYSTERIOUS LADY has been re-edited for print with a great new cover!

Available from Amazon stores:
Available in e-book. 

E-book cover by Erin Dameron-Hill
Print cover by Josephine Blake

Here's a snippet:

Her breath caught in her throat. What did this powerful man, this Duke, want with her? Her feet faltered on the path, but the footman was poised to re-enter the building through another door. As she ran after him, she lost a shoe. She bent and thrust the slipper back on, fearing she might lose him. She found him waiting for her before a pair of tall doors. His cold, impersonal glance swept over her before he knocked.

A deep voice answered, “Come.”

With a flourish, the footman threw the doors open, then paused. She realized with horror that he had no name with which to announce her.

“The woman ye found on the road, Y’grace,” he said.

She winced, burning with embarrassment and allowed herself to be ushered into the room. When the door clicked shut behind her, she felt strangely abandoned.

After the austerity of stone passages, the breakfast room was warm and welcoming with the rich aroma of coffee in the air. A brightly patterned carpet covered the parquetry floor. The late morning sun sparkled on diamond-paned windows with a view of the distant woods. She wished she was in those woods and not here.

Anywhere but here, at this moment.

The source of her discomfort rose from his seat at the table. He’d apparently rescued her. She did not recognize him. Would he know her? If he didn’t, what plan did he have for her? Best get that out of the way immediately. She straightened her shoulders and stepped forward.

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