Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Regency series! Unmasking Lady Helen Published in two days! Enjoy a snippet!

Enjoy a snippet:
“I’m glad you find this amusing.”
“As do you,” Peyton said with a chuckle.
“Perhaps a little,” Helen agreed, a quiver in her voice betraying her. “This has all been very silly. A terrible idea of yours.”
“I believe it was yours,” he said.
“I intended to spend the night behind the sofa, you will remember.”
“As if I’d allow you to do a foolish thing like that.”
“You would have no say in it, sir.”
“No? You’re in here with me, though, aren’t you? Perhaps you prefer my company to the sofa’s?”
She huffed. “You are not making sense. It must be the lack of fresh air.”


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