Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Romance Anthologies DARING A ROGUE TO LOVE available for pre-order!

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It’s spring here in Australia and heating up. It looks like we’ll have a hot Christmas. Time to start thinking about beach reads, and for those in cold climates, something to read by the fire.
Have you considered these two great anthologies filled with romances by bestselling authors?
DARING A ROGUE TO LOVE is released on 28th November 2017. It’s available now for pre-order
for 0.99cents. Buy Links:

If you haven’t read A MIDSUMMER’S KISS, it’s still available at 0.99cents. Enjoy this fabulous collection of kisses by bestselling and award-winning authors.
Like to begin a new Regency romance series? The first book in my Kinsey Family series is now available at the introductory price of 0.99cents.
Sometimes the biggest risk we take is with our hearts.
1821 London
At twenty-four, Lady Helen Kinsey has her future carefully mapped out. A life of gentle quietude in the country caring for her unmarried brothers and walking with her dog. It does not include marriage, a dream she banished after her first Season. But when a handsome earl enters Kinsey House in London on a mission to find out why their footman was poisoned, she finds herself drawn into solving the mystery. And despite resistance on her part worthy of an army maneuver, she is irresistibly drawn to the earl himself.
After Whitehall receives a letter warning of a plot against the Crown, Jason, Captain Lord Peyton, is sent to investigate. Surely the famous explorer, Lord Lawrence Kinsey could not be behind it. He is engrossed in roaming ancient libraries and tombs in the East and bringing back their treasures for the museum. But after Peyton finds a fragment of a burned letter it appears that something dangerous lurks in Kinsey House, and Peyton becomes determined to keep the defenseless family safe, and one member particularly. Lady Helen has built a wall around herself and holds him at arm’s length. But arm’s length is not where Peyton wants to be.
As the mystery unfolds it becomes imperative for Peyton and Lady Helen to work together, very closely indeed.
Review by Punya:
You just know that Jason and Helen belong together as you cheer them along the way when they investigate the murder of Bart and uncover the truth. There was another sub-plot concerning Jason’s sister Lizzy too. I can only hope that that’s leading to her own book. And it seems Charlie and Diana have already formed an attachment. ;) We’re not introduced to all the Kinseys yet but I really hope to in the next installments. Eagerly looking forward to the next in the series.
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