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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Great review for Hostage to Love by Maggi Andersen

Simply Extraordinary!

I was blown away by the depth and scope of Maggi Andersen and her talent! It's amazing that she is able to weave together an extremely complicated plot involving multiple love stories.
France during the "Reign of Terror" was full of madness and bloodloss. No one was safe no matter their station in life and by no means we're just the Aristocrats brutally slaughtered.
Maggie takes us from the relative safety of England into the French countryside and into the very heart of Paris.
Her characters must reach into the bottom of their souls and call upon hidden reserves of strength and courage. Your stomach will drop in fear and you may even hold your breath at times wondering how disaster and death will be averted. The romantic in you will be well satisfied by the love and sensuality among her characters. Because even I'm the midst of chaos of you truly follow your heart whatever the danger it is always worth the risk. Amazon

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